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Enter the expo
You can enter the immersive careers expo from anywhere on your laptop or phone. Select an avatar from the list of options, and follow the on-screen guide for moving around the space.
enter the expo
Expo guide

North Stage

> Leeds Digital Careers Festival
> Leeds Creative Skills Festival

South Stage

> Apprenticeships
> Innovation Station

East Galleries

> Skills and Employment Leeds
> Tech and digital
> ClimateTech and sustainability
> Leeds Trinity University

west Galleries

> Career resources
> Culture, creative and media
> Leeds City College
Tips + Tricks
> Walk around the gallery using keys W A S D

> Hold Shift to run

> Hit Spacebar to jump

> Rotate gallery with the arrow keys

> Click and drag to change angle

> Try out keys 1 2 3 4 5 to emote and dance!

> Press T to take a screenshot of the space and share your journey on socials. Don't forget to tag hundo and Leeds City Council!
enter the expo
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