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Enter the metaverse
You can enter the immersive world from anywhere on your laptop or phone. Select an avatar from the list of options, and follow the on-screen guide for moving around the space.
Animation and Games
Art and Design
Film and VFX: Macro Photography
Film and VFX: Victorian Tea Party
Photography and Communication
You’ll land in the WKC navigation hub, your home for exploring different spaces, socialising, and practising your jumps, flips and dance moves. Make your way out into the wild and across the river, where you’ll find portals to the WKC exhibitions.

Clicking on a portal will take you to another space. As you browse the space, click on an artwork to view it full-size and find out the name of the creator.

When you’re ready to leave the space, look for the portal that will take you back to your navigation hub.
Tips + Tricks
> Walk around the gallery using keys W A S D

> Hold Shift to run

> Hit Spacebar to jump, and twice to flip.

> Rotate gallery with the arrow keys

> Click and drag to change angle

> Try out keys 1 2 3 4 5 to emote and dance!

> Press T to take a screenshot of the space and share your journey on socials. Don't forget to tag hundo and Leeds City Council!
enter the metaverse
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