27 Lessons In 7 Weeks

This campaign is a unique opportunity to supercharge your studies and prepare for the future of work. With 21 lessons on how to use AI platforms and 6 career-readiness lessons, this programme is suitable for learners at all levels - beginner, intermediate, and advanced.
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About Our Campaign

Hundo is on a mission to equip students with essential skills, behaviours, and knowledge, giving them confidence in the digital age and preparing them for the future of work. The platform creates an immersive project-based learning environment that simulates real-world work experience. It is designed to address the modern demands of digital learning and help students thrive in the technological age.
By backing this campaign, you are not just investing in a course, but in a transformative learning experience that will help you stand out from the crowd in job applications. We invite you to read our story, back our campaign, and share it with your friends. Together, we can bridge the gap between traditional in-person work experience programs and the growing demand for flexible, immersive learning experiences.
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3 reasons you should back this campaign

Improve Academic Results

The Education System Cannot Keep Up With Technological Change. hundo can ensure you stay ahead, where the system leaves you behind.

Be Ready For The Future Of Work

Every job that we know today will be dramatically changed by Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, and Robotics.

Stand Out In Every Job Application & Interview

We will prepare you for the next stage of your transition from education to employment, so that you stand out from the crowd.

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21 Lessons On How To Use AI Platforms
6 Career-Readiness Lessons 
Suitable For Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced Learners
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Why This Matters So Much

Let's dive into the reasons why this matters so much, urgently, for the future of young people in education today.

AI & The Future Of Education - Boost Results

In the rapidly evolving landscape of education, Artificial Intelligence (AI) holds the potential to revolutionise learning experiences. hundo, a pioneering platform, is at the forefront of this transformation.

Harnessing the power of AI, hundo aims to personalise learning, provide career insights based on individual strengths, and offer real-world business experiences. This is the future of education, where AI and hundo work in synergy to boost results and prepare students for the world of work.

  • Imagine a platform that can identify when a student is struggling with a particular concept and can adjust the content to match their pace?
  • Imagine a platform that can provide insights into careers a student might excel in based on their skills, interests, and passions?
  • Imagine a platform that can provide that student with real, relevant, and rewarding business experiences where they put those skills into practice?

This is the promise of AI in education, and this is what hundo aims to deliver.

Why AI For Education?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a transformative force in education.

It provides adaptive tools that enhance learning experiences, supports struggling students, and is already an essential skill in various industries worldwide. hundo is at the forefront of this AI-driven educational revolution.

  • It gives us tools that can adapt, understand and enhance learning experiences.
  • It can identify and support struggling students and match their pace of learning.
  • It is already adopted within businesses worldwide; from finance to farming, it’s an essential skill to learn to prepare for the world of work
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AI & The Future Of Work - Stand Out!

AI or Artificial Intelligence, is often associated with human-like robots, automation, and wacky new gadgets.

However, at its core, AI is about creating tools that can adapt, understand, and both enhance individual learning experiences, and boost workplace productivity exponentially.

  • Enhanced Efficiency: AI streamlines tasks, making processes faster and more efficient, which is crucial for productivity in today's fast-paced world.
  • Global Relevance: Embracing AI prepares young people for a future where AI-driven technologies are increasingly prevalent, ensuring they remain competitive in the job market on a global scale.
  • Innovation and Problem Solving: AI fosters innovation by enabling creative problem-solving and offering new solutions to complex challenges, empowering young minds to shape the future
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The Future Skills Crisis & Opportunity

Don’t take our word for it, here are some scary real statistics and quotes from world leaders about the upcoming Technological Skills Crisis.

Industrial Strategy Council

Skills Mismatch 2030 – Page 5
"20% of the Labour Market will be significantly underskilled for their jobs by 2030"

Oxford Learning College

“Having digital skills is essential for success in your career.”

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"In the UK, the US and the EU, Tech vacancies have increased to outstrip the availability of people"

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CMI report 2022
"73% of graduates cannot demonstrate essential employability skills"


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The first 100 courses purchased will be at a one-off price of £1 per course, this is an offer not to be missed. Run, don’t walk!
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About The Essential AI Skills Course

Enter "Essential AI skills for students," a comprehensive 21-lesson course designed to supercharge student education and pave the way for a successful future career.

We're not just talking about good grades; we're talking about practical, hands-on skills that are directly applicable to academic success and landing that dream first job.

⚡ Boost Your Academic Results
⚡ Gain Essential Skills For The Future of Work
⚡ Stand Out From The Crowd At Interviews
⚡ Enhance Your Career Prospects

Meet Our Experts Let’s dive into "Meet Our Experts" to get acquainted with the brilliant minds behind hundo's innovative platform.

Here, you'll find detailed bios and insights from our esteemed experts - James, Scott, and Dori - who bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to our mission of revolutionising education through AI.

27 Lessons In 7 Weeks - Essential AI Skills

Dive into the comprehensive "Essential AI Skills Course" delivered via the hundo Campus platform, meticulously designed to cater to different levels of understanding.

The course is structured into three levels of difficulty, each comprising seven enriching lessons. Additionally, it includes six dedicated lessons for career preparation, ensuring students are well-equipped for the future. Here’s an outline of the Essential AI Skills course to get whet your appetite:

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Level 1 - Beginner Mode

Introduction to AI Tools and Skills

Let’s get started with the "Beginner Level: Introduction to AI Tools and Skills” module.

This is where you'll firstly familiarise yourself with everyday AI tools, enhance your communication skills using AI, learn about AI ethics and responsible usage, and much more across a total of 7 informative and engaging modules, all designed to make AI relevant to your current educational journey and improve your future career prospects.

First 3 Beginner Lessons: 

1️. First AI Tools: Get familiar with AI tools for Everyday Study

2️. AI and Communication: Enhance Written and Oral skills using AI

3️. Safeguarding Your Future: Learn Basic AI Ethics and Responsible Usage

PLUS 4 more beginner levels to get you started: These lesson titles are designed to not only introduce AI but also to immediately make it relevant to a student's current educational journey and future career prospects.

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Level 2 - Intermediate Mode

Unlocking the Potential of AI Tools With New Skills

Progress to the "Intermediate Level: Unlocking the Potential of AI Tools With New Skills" course.

This is where you'll delve deeper into the practical applications of AI, mastering automation tools like Zapier, flashcard apps like Anki, and creative tools like Canva and Lumen5, along with four additional modules, all designed to enhance your educational outcomes and job performance.

First 3 Intermediate Lessons

1. Unlocking AI Productivity: Explore Automation tools like Zapier for task Automation in Education

2. AI for Study Boost: Master Flashcard apps like Anki for Effective Studying and Retention.

3. Getting Creative: Use AI tools like Canva and Lumen5 for Graphic Design and Video Creation in School and Work Projects.

PLUS 4 more intermediate levels to power through...Each of these lessons focuses on a practical application of AI that students can immediately use to improve their educational outcomes or job performance. By the end of this level, students should have a good grasp of specific AI tools that will be beneficial in a variety of settings.

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Level 3 - Advanced Mode

Develop Practical Skills & Challenge Yourself

Now venture into the "Advanced Levels: Unlocking the Potential of AI Tools With New Skills" course.

This is where you'll develop practical skills in areas such as content strategy, finance, and prompt engineering using AI, along with four additional modules, all aimed at equipping you with the ability to leverage AI in specialized fields like entrepreneurship and finance.

First 3 Advanced Lessons: 

1️. AI in Content Strategy: Learn how AI optimizes content for SEO, analyzes audience behavior, and boosts engagement, vital for digital marketing and content creation careers.

2. AI-Powered Finance: Master AI tools for personal finance, budgeting, and investments, essential for financial independence.

3️. Prompt Engineering 101: Customize AI interactions for specialized tasks like research and creative writing.

PLUS 4 more advanced levels to power through...This advanced level aims to provide students with skills that not only make them adept at using AI but also enable them to understand how to leverage it in specialized fields like entrepreneurship and finance.

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