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Digital Fashion Revolution: Trends, Sustainability, Careers

Explore digital fashion's sustainable trends and careers with Isola Zhu, Olska Green, and Albert Marealle. Learn how it promotes eco-friendliness, discover emerging developments, and anticipate groundbreaking transformations in social media, fashion shows, and retail experiences. Get insights into essential skills and valuable advice for aspiring enthusiasts.
Warning: this video may contain some strong language.
Explore digital fashion's sustainable trends and careers with Isola Zhu, Olska Green, and Albert Marealle. Learn how it promotes eco-friendliness, discover emerging developments, and anticipate groundbreaking transformations in social media, fashion shows, and retail experiences. Get insights into essential skills and valuable advice for aspiring enthusiasts.

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What up everyone? You're locked into CareerCon monthly. This time we'll be speaking about digital fashion revolution trends and sustainability careers. It's your boy Albert, the social media coordinator and graphic designer for hundo. As well as a character designer and illustrator and an animator as well, and I've got some wonderful speakers with me as well. Would you like to introduce yourselves? 


Of course. Okay. I'm, I'm Olska Green. I'm the founder of, uh, one of the first digital sustainable fashion brands in the world, Ecoolska based in Portugal. And we develop, uh, three directions, digital fashion, sustainable fashion, and upcycling. And we combine these spheres and, uh, we create digital, physical plus digital collections. So physical collections with digital twins. And I'm, I'm happy to be here. Thank you so much for inviting me. 


I appreciate you being here. And yes, upcycling is really key these days, you know? Yeah. 




Okay, so now I introduce myself. Hello everyone. I'm Isola Zhu, so you can call me. So I'm the founder of HGVIS.

So we are a digital, uh, fashion platform which allow everyone to create, create their virtual identity. Up through the metaverse and the reality. So basically we are developing a platform which allows everyone to choose their different customised, uh, uh, digital closest to, uh, express their virtual identity in web 3.

So we are going to blender gaming fashion, and share the social experience together. And cross through matter words and a reality. That's what we are doing right now. So I'm really happy to join today's panel with everyone together. 


Wow. It sounds like you're both doing very amazing things, you know, and it's lovely to meet you, Isola, and it's lovely to meet you, Olska as well.

So mic's out to the mic's out to the open. So got a question for both of you, and that is how did your journey to digital fashion start? Who would like to go first?





I started, uh, sustainable fashion and, uh, I just, two years ago, not so long time ago, and, uh, in, in this, um, course I heard about digital fashion first time two years ago.

And, uh, I thought, yeah, it's a vector of ecological fashion, uh, because it's reduce our consumption and lower production. Yeah, it's, it's really cool and a really cool idea because I believe that in five, 10 years it'll be already normal to buy digital garments. To buy digital clothes instead of physical.

Uh, of course we, we, we can wear physical, we should wear, Physical, uh, clothes, but not so much like before. And, uh, it'll reduce our consumption very much. That's why I thought, uh, that, yeah, I launched my sustainable fashion brand and I want to add digital fashion in my sustainable fashion brand because it's really important now to do well and to, to.

No, um, to, to share this knowledge with people and, uh, people should try it more and more and more. And, uh, it's, it's definitely the digital revolution in the fashion industry and they like it very much. And also embrace, uh, creativity, uh, fantasy. And, uh, this is, Uh, like immersive experience, uh, for clients and, uh, for, especially for Gen Z, for gen young generation.

So I like it very much. Yeah.


Yeah, most definitely. Like, it's like trying, like to make the book, like trying to like make the best out of the situation in terms of like upcycling and recycling clothes as well. Cause you don't wanna like put like diff, you don't wanna like put all the clothes to waste, right?

Like, cause I hear like topics within like fast fashion, slow fashion. And like I say, I think like sustainability like really helps in terms of like, um, What's it called? Um, like, like helping out the environment as well. Cause I think I saw, I think I saw about an article about like a fast fashion brand, like how much they take up in, like how they put all the waste to clothes in like an amount.

But I can't remember the exact country. I'm not gonna claim it, but like, it really just shows into his perspective, like how, like how important it's to be sustainable within your fashion and like how you can like, try, like help the environment out as well. Yeah. 


Yeah, of course. Uh, it's, it's, uh, I think also it's, it should be developing at the same time, upcycling, digital fashion and sustainable fashion.

Yeah. And we should really change habits, uh, for all people. And, uh, people like it really, especially Yeah, young generation like it very much. And, uh, that's why I believe that's, uh, now of. Course fashion industry is changing and, and, and it's only beginning digital fashion, especially. It's only beginning.

And, uh, we are pioneers in these spheres. And, uh, I'm very happy and, uh, I, I'm really very passionate about this and, uh, I am very happy to share this knowledges, uh, with others. And, uh, I believe that more and more, uh, young fashion designers will use, uh, digital fashion for their collections. Yeah. Yeah. 


Yeah, most definitely.

I'm happy that you're able to like, share your passions with us as well. Cause like, even me, like I've seen, I must have been Shoreditch it's not too long ago. And I've seen like so many like, vintage stores and like, even like upcycling brands as well. So like, make like keyhole dresses, like up cycling bags as well.

Collage bags, like painting on tops of like re like old bags that could have been thrown away by being reused to like make something new. Like expressing like your, your creativity as well. So it really shows like how, like sustainability has, and creativity has no limits. 


Limits. Yeah, definitely. Definitely. No limits. Yeah, no boundaries. Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. 


How about, how about for you Isola? So how did your, how did your, um, your digital fashion journey start then?



Yeah, I am. I started the company, it's like, uh, now it's almost like one year. So as like Olska talk about at beginnings with like, um, I see the documentary of the true cost, so I know all the, how to say, um, over consumption cost, fast fashion.

They have a lot of pollution to our planet and people are consuming just because they want to showcase it on social media. You just buy it. It, or it's just be some product in your room, you will never use it again. So also I see the trend of digital fashion. A lot of brands and the designers, they are doing this also like, uh, um, young generation, gen Z, gen Alpha, they spent a lot of time, um, like Robloxs, uh, fortnite, this kind of gaming.

Also, they go crazy for buying skins, you know, the, yes. So I see there is a really interesting space and also for digital fashion, so it's. Like, uh, you can think about everything. No physical limit. Also creativity, so you can put all your imagination into the digital world. Also with augmentative reality. I explore these technology since January.

So first I developed my own small app. So it's like, uh, very, basically you scan on a picture, then you show the 3D modeling and everyone say, wow, it's like magic. So I feel like this cutting, adding not, uh, technique like ar vr really brings like, uh, another layer to digital fashion. So it's more like utility before, like all the.

How to say collections. You just buy JPG, a PNG or a video 3D modeling, so people don't know like how the utility, it's, so I'm trying to, using this kind of new technology. To unlock more and more experience or interaction to people who buy it. Also, why I decide to be a platform. So because I see like, uh, as designers, so everyone, they have different, how to say creativity.

If we bring the joint force together, so it could be a big platform so everyone can express their self with different materials from this designer, different silhouette from other people. So it's more interesting to build a whole universe. Like we put join force. And also I'm really interested in the blockchain technology.

So also in the future, I know like web3 is more like, uh, decentralised, not like the normal economy, like more centralised. So we will try to develop the smart contract, so every creator in the platform, they will get loyalty fee from every user they buy it. So it was. Split the fee equally by the new technology behind.

So that's how I started. And the project still in the, you know, we need to build, it needs a lot of time and a lot of people in the community to support us. So that's how I achieved right now. And I'm really interested in gaming. So, Also, this is like part of our journey in the future. We want to be much more like a cross metaverse cross platform because if you buy one asset in one game and one day they shut down the gaming, the system, all your asset was lost.

But ways like blockchain, this kind of technology behind, if you buy something, you really own it. Even the gaming, they shut down the game. You can still use in your limited skin in another game that will be super cool in the future. Yeah. So that's the idea behind. 


Wow. Firstly, happy one year anniversary behind your project as well.

And, uh, and tell the people like what's the name of your app as well, in case they wanna check it out as well. 


Ah, uh, HGVIS. Yes. 


Yes. And I remember, do you wanna that show mind showcasing us your platform as well on the screen? 


Yeah, uh, sure, sure, sure. Definitely. But now we are still building it.

Yeah. I can show like, wait a minute. So this is like our homepage, the first collection that we, digital garment, we create together with Kadine James. So we do the collaboration and it's the first collection that we want to encourage people to, um, how to say, express their virtual identity. So this is the, um, what we are doing.

So we are community driven digital fashion platform. So we want to build. Unique virtual identity in web3 and later we will try to build cross through metaverse and in reality. So this is the second project that we build together. So this is the NFT garment we are releasing with the AR future. And also you can see the avatar wearing it.

So yeah, you can. Scan and experience AR on your phone, and also buy as a NFT to support us later. We will help you like build the platform to unlock more features in the future. And this is like the collaboration we did with Easy Studio. Um, so this is like already done. So when you buy it as an nft, you can wear in reality and later you can unlock more feature with our nft.

So yeah, these are the, um, digital garments that, um, everyone, our community members created. And later we will try to onboard more and more artists and also like, uh, 3D designers if they want to release the 3D printing. So it's kind of like you buy it to your own NFT. Also, you have the 3D printed, um, product later.

Physically we'll deliver to your home. So this is the virtual lab that I told you before. So we want to, uh, onboard artists and let users to how. To create their own virtual identity with different materials, everything together. So we're still building it. Yeah. So these are our partner and everything.



Wow. Look at the future of digital fashion guys. They look so cool. Right. The future of digital. Um, and I'm looking to see how, I'm looking to see how this all turns out, you know, and my question goes out to. Um, to Olska Next, and that is what are some of the innovative ways that digital fashion promotes sustainability?

Compared to traditional fashion practices? 


Yeah, of course sustainability and digital fashion, as we mentioned, uh, it's, uh, much, very much because it's reduced over production and our consumption and innovative ways that, uh, before production. You can have votings from your customers, like, like our brand. I have, uh, through my social media, I have votings.

Uh, I, uh, the first step I create, uh, digital garments, uh, or also I use AI majority, uh, for creating digital skins, uh, digital, uh, sketches and, uh, my customers working and I understand. What It'll be better to produce. That's why we have pre-orders. We have, uh, of course, uh, we produce only what people need, uh, be because it's really a very helpful for brand and for also for customers to, uh, and for customers.

It's also very interesting to be like co-creators right before production. So for us, I think of course it's sustainable way of production because, uh, uh, before, uh, usually, uh, traditional brands, uh, produce a lot, and then it's a lot of waste, uh, you know, 92 million tons of textile waste per year. Uh, and it's, uh, it's huge amounts of waste from textile industry.

It's, uh, the second most polluted industry, you know. That's why we should change, uh, these waves of production and digital fashion can help because it's very realistic. It's, uh, now, uh, technology already developing. Very good. Of course, maybe it'll be even better. Uh, but now you can alsotry on also, innovations like ar try on, ar fittings.

And, uh, before, also before buying product. Uh, it's also very good for marketplaces because, uh, you know, marketplaces have a lot of returns, approximately 60% of returns. It's crazy and it's a lot of transport emissions. That's why it's also sustainable. Then you have, uh, er try on before. For buying the product and for customers to use save, uh, returns and from marketplaces also.

It's very good. So of course I believe that sustainability and digital fashion match very much and, uh, yeah, reduce our production. Our consumption. Wait, sorry. Because, because I'm from, phone. And. Yeah. And, uh, of course, uh, it's, uh, also innovative ways that it's customisation and, uh, personalisation because also before production, um, digital twins and digital sketches you can personalise, uh, for customers, it's also better and, uh, also unleash your creativity and creativity of customers.

That's why I believe that it helps very much. Yeah. 


Wow. Wow. So you said like, we do like virtual try ons, time to close. I'd like to hear about how does that work? You know? So do you get like an app and then like you try to close through the app basically? 


Yeah. Yeah. And I believe that's, uh, all marketplaces, all huge marketplaces will use it.

Uh, because really for them it's, uh, helpful for reduced returns. So I think all, all marketplaces will use it. Yeah, soon. 


Yeah, most definitely. I've, I've even seen people already on TikTok and other social media platforms. They're using like innovative ways to like, try on their apps. Like try and try on like virtual outfits or even just outfits, maybe like nails, wigs, hairstyles, eye colors, like makeup, everything.

Like, it really just shows like how, like obviously I just see as like a way of saving money, but. Even like hearing this talk now, like it really just like helped me to understand like how much of a saving to the environment that this really helps with. 


Yeah, yeah. Yeah, definitely. Definitely. It, it will be develop and uh, in nearest years.

Very fast. I believe in it.


Yeah. Yeah. Looking forward to doing it in the stores. Just put your, just put your foot down. Try on some shoes. You don't even have to like, you don't even have to like, worry about like returning them all that and there's no queues whatsoever as well. That's the one thing, and like even if like fitting rooms or clothes, you can just try it on virtually.

Like no queues, no worries about like fitting rooms being closed. Like just be able to just try it on and just go about your day. If you like it, you can buy it. If you don't, then you just go about your day. 


Yeah, yeah. Of course, of course. Yeah, definitely. Yeah. 


Yeah. And the next question goes out to Isola, and that is how does the integration.

Of augmented reality and virtual reality technologies enhance the digital fashion experience and allow for innovative and immersive interactions with virtual garments and accessories. 


So for me, I think there's a lot of like utility and interaction in first like augmented reality because now you can use just a phone, then you can see it, the digital garment, or try on to experience in reality.

Easy for everyone because VR are, it needs the headset. So later after Apple release it, more and more people we are entering into virtual reality. But now I think Augmented reality, it's like most basically everyone can use and can see in our real life. Suppose like now we are in the panel, like we do the zoom, uh, the recording together.

So also with argument reality, I can wear my digital garment. Yeah, you see it's like a utility. When you are having a, how to say, a recording or a meeting with people, then you are so lazy to dress up. So it could be like very interesting for everyone as a use case. Also, like Olska just mentioned. So it helps like, uh, retail, um, you can.

Before you are buying, you are trying virtually to see how it looks also in the in-store. So suppose you are going to like, uh, uh, a real store that you choose 10 pieces and, uh, it takes a lot of time to, you know, try this, try that mix match. If you have a virtual, this kind of mirror you first, you choose what you like, then say, okay, it combines well then.

You go into the fitting room, then, you know, like, uh, then it will be easier for customers to choose. So yeah, and it will like help the store more, how to say, efficiently. So yeah, it's basically like this. Mm-hmm. 


Yeah. Yeah, that sounds like real interesting as well, like imagine like if you was able to have this talk in our virtual clothes as well.

Like I could be wearing Gucci, Olska, could be wearing Prada, and then you could Isola could be wearing, like, you could be wearing like Louis Vuitton with, to even like your own brand as well. Like imagine like being able to like, Create your own brand now. Like Olska create her own brand. Even though, even if it's like sustainability, like whole upcycle sustainability brand ran that entire meetings as well.

Like that shows that Wow. Like we can really like, like really switch it up. Cause I know, um, speaking of ar, like I've used, um, have you guys heard of a software called Spark ar? Mm-hmm. Yeah. It's a, it's a virtual, it's an augmented reality. It is a virtual wow. These words are not coming outta my mouth today.

It is an augmented reality app, which allows you to design Instagram filters, whether it be, um, using, um, Like 3D models extract exported from like Blender or Cinema 4D or make it like flat 3D designs and you'd be able to like try it on exports like Instagram as well. Obviously you try it on and then like you can just like use it and many people and it just creates like a trend that people can use.


Sure, sure. It's very cool also for like, uh, there's another utility. So you can not only just wear on you, you can have, uh, virtual yourself and you dress it and it stands with you, like beside you, so you can take it with you because virtual, go to travel, take photo with her, everything. So it would be super cool.

Like this way.  


Yeah, yeah. Even though this, I don't even know, this app called Hallway Tile. And it allows you to like connect your avatars and also the fashion that you created as well. And you could also have like, you could even like have like meetings that virtually as well, like when you have virtual meetings that you can like showcase your avatar alongside your fashion as well.


Mm-hmm, sure. Yeah. Also for virtual reality, so now everyone use a lot of like special, even not without headset, you can also enter in it like I see also, we, oh, sorry. Also, we, uh, organize some events in our virtual gallery. So some DJs, everyone wear their garments and they, we dance and, uh, we have the, how to say, uh, live event.

So without the location, limited virtual reality and virtual gallery allow everyone from every kind, every places from the world to join and to know, um, Like we do some events, celebrate and chatting. Yeah, it would be super cool. Yeah. 


Yeah, that sounds so proper. Cool. You know, and this next question goes out to Olska, and that is, What are the latest trends or emerging developments in digital fashion that people should know about? Or any exciting projects that you're working on? 


Uh, by my, by my opinion, uh, the latest trend that's, uh, digital fashion go. Through gaming and metaverse and, uh, of course, uh, digital fashion very useful. Not only for physical before productions pre-orders, but it's very useful, uh, for metaverse, for avatars, for example, uh, if you have already your.

Own virtual avatar in Metaverse. Uh, you can now also change your clothes, change your digital skin for your, uh, avatar. And you know that, uh, approximately 50% of, uh, gen Z already. Uh, uh, uh, looks like, um, they, they, they like their virtual avatar, like, um, their personality and they want to express, uh, their creativity and, um, also fantasy through their virtual avatar.

So it's like alter ego, like your alter ego. And even if you don't want to express very much in real life, Uh, you can express your creativity in virtual life. That's why I believe that's the next trend. It'll be, uh, more and more developing through metaverses and through gaming. Uh, because for people, for young generation also, it will be important, uh, to have, uh, unrealistic.

Uh, fan, fantastic, uh, outstanding outlooks for their virtual avatars. So I believe in it. And of course, uh, NFTs, uh, digital fashion shows. We already created three digital fashion shows. We're. Participated in New York Digital Fashion Week, uh, London Fashion Week, metaverse also with Kadine . So of course I believe that, uh, also next trend, uh, I think it will be already a lot of fashion designers and brands who will participate not only, uh, physical runway, but also digital.

Digital, uh, fashion show. It's, um, especially for young fashion designers. It's cheaper. It's uh, more. Uh, also you can, uh, create before, uh, production, this digital fashion show. And you don't need, of course, uh, to install all these decorations. Uh, so it's also reduce waste, uh, because. Offline runway, it's a lot of, maybe also a lot of decorations, plastic, etc, etc.

But digital runway, you don't need anything. Only your computer and your fantasy, and you can create something really cool. That's why uh, we created already three digital fashion shows and for us it was like, uh, um, also sharing our. Values because the first digital fashion show dedicated, uh, also about, uh, sustainability over production, uh, or consumption.

And, uh, we showed in this, uh, uh, show, uh, that in the beginning it was very, very bad situation. A lot of waste. But in the middle of show, everything is changing because people change their habits and at, at the end of show, it's a happy end. That's. Uh, our planet is clean, uh, and, uh, uh, animals, uh, and everywhere and trees everywhere.

And, uh, we can, uh, wear our clothes, sustainable clothes and not harm, not to be harmful for environment. And so it's happen. That's, for example, in 10 years, it'll be only sustainable fashion and digital fashion, and we save our planet. Yeah. So that's, that's, I believe in these trends. Yeah. So. 


Yeah. And that sounds so interesting, you know, cause even you're speaking about like digital fashion shows that I went to one last year called In Shorditch in East London called, um, Defy for Doddz' show alongside other the, um, by augmented reality artists names, Doddz.

And this is alongside some of the people with, from hundo. Well, like really like really interesting to see like how it actually works because I've never been to a digital fashion show. I haven't been to a fashion show, like a physical fashion show in years. And like seeing the difference between the two is so striking to me.

Like there really wasn't like that much to do. Obviously there was a lot to do like backstage, but in terms of like the models, they were just wearing white clothes. And then we, all we had to do is like, um, use Snapchat. Cause that's what the software, um, that was like the best way to, uh, use like a, um, wow.

Sorry. Used, um, the QR code to scan the website for the fashion show, which unlocked the Snapchat filter off. And when the models were on stage that we were just recording on this, on Snapchat, but when we actually you on the apps on the outer lens of your own eyes just wearing normal clothes, but when you're actually on the phone sec, they're using, um, you can actually see the costumes that were made for this show as well.

And it's like, wow. It's like, it's really just amazing and just like, Eye catching to see. Is that something that you've like, something that you've like delved into as well in terms of your fashion shows that you hosted? Like just doing like, um, different filters for like different social media apps and like allowing the models to like just wear normal clothes and then walk around in.


Yeah, yeah, of course, of course. And also, also our last, uh, fashion show was, uh, under the water, so you can create in digital, uh, sphere, uh, something that's not realistic in real life. So you, you can't, uh, create, uh, runway under the water in real life. So you can create, it's in digital, uh, fashion show. Yeah, of course.



Now, at the moment or in the future, have you got any projects that you're working on? 


Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah, of course. Uh, now also we try to create with ai, uh, because now AI is very popular and I use AI every day also, and in fashion industry or AI will. Be very, very important for creating also digital sketches and also for creating fashion shows.

So we try to implement AI now and to create something also unrealistic. Uh, so we. We are trying, uh, to do our, something crazy now. Yeah. But of course we, uh, at the same time, uh, developing now a sustainable activewear and uh, also with digital twins for this activewear. Yeah. So it's our project. 


I'm looking forward to see it coming to fruition, you know?


Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah. Thank you. Thank you. We'll show soon. Yeah, yeah. 


No worries. No worries. No worries. No worries. No worries. And the next question calls out to. Isola. And that is what exciting transformations and groundbreaking ideas can we anticipate in social media. Fashion, fashion shows shopping and retail experiences as digital fashion takes the center stage.



Uh, and I think there are so many things that, uh, for digital fashion came into social media. So one is like you can showcase on Instagram, uh, Twitter, everything that. Um, like, uh, with their ar everything that you can try on. And one thing that I have a really interesting idea when we are talking with other community members, so like as Brandy can also create these kind of campaigns, so maybe with QR code or.

Like, uh, the gps. So you can deliver a campaign based on the location to just like, uh, Pokemon go. So the campaign will lead people to scan or to develop all the clues that can unlock something like, um, I'd say, uh, final YouTube give, give free, uh, nft or like, uh, something, uh, you can share on social media.

This will be super interesting for brands, also for social media to launch these kind of things connected with digital assets. And another thing is like, um, also you can use, uh, all the digital assets and also on your website. Um, yeah. Uh, wait a minute. So also for the fashion shows, so as you just talk about like Augmented reality, fashion shows with Avatar, you can just like, uh, uh, using the, how to say, you can see it like in front of you.

So it's not only about location, everything. You can participate or maybe do some interaction with all the models in augmented reality. So it creates a different way of like, uh, representing like the normal fashion show. Like you just, uh, walk and see through. Maybe you can do some interaction with all the things or like, like it, or you just buy it.

With the augmented reality, that would be super cool. And also like, uh, one, uh, also for the virtual spaces. So as I talk about, I'm really into gaming, like, uh, you know, virtual reality, virtual spaces. So I think also this kind of, um, virtual asset like, uh, um, digital fashion so you can wear on your avatar and maybe in the future the digital avatar become another influencer.

So you showcase in your virtual places, people like it and they click and buy. So it also can link into the physical item. So I'm just saying like in the future, we won't be only like, uh, just, uh, like social media. We will also have our virtual identity, virtual influencer. So brand can also participate to interact with 2D and 3D.

This. Like more three dimensionally merging everything together. So I'm thinking like in the future, it's not only like, uh, either like, uh, eCommerce. Uh, like this kind of 2D page or like, um, going to totally metaverse, like in virtual gallery something, it's going to be merging together. You, you still have like, uh, traditional things and you have like, uh, 2.5 web, 2.5.

We are talking about this and web three, so it's. Like, uh, different angles, combining the full word, but also with digital assets, you can all pro through the three, three, uh, three dimensionally worlds together. So I was thinking this way and for retail experiences we talked before. Um, brand can also do like interaction, try, um, before customer, customer buy everything.

So it will also be very important for like, uh, um, like we just talked about before, like, uh, the environment and, uh, overconsumption. So it'll solve a lot of problem. Also zero inventory. So produce on demand could be very, how to say, help the brand to cut a lot of, um, shortage, uh, uh, also material costing and help them to organise the brand. A better way. Yeah. 


Oh wow. So much to take in, you know, like it really looks like how much of a big difference that digital fashion will make in the future. You know? Like especially that, speaking about like the fashion shows as well, like you think like it'll give like everyone like. Equal opportunity to participate in because, like hear stories about like how the fashion industry can be, especially when it comes to that modeling as well.

So would you say that it gives like many people who may be shy to modeling like a, a chance that participate in then. And like that's what you mean by like the virtual influencers as well, like the avatars being the influencers kind of reminds me of like the board apes, like the NFTs. Cause like everyone was using those as like a sense of like as the avatar profile pictures.

But you can really recognise that everyone's style. So like you can really start to see like a trend, like trend trending changes as well. And did you have any exciting projects that you were working on as well?


So we are now working more like, how to say on programming. So as I told, like we want to create a platform which, uh, allow people to customise their.

Garments, so also onboarding artists who participate in this, um, ecosystem like, like digital fashion ecosystem. So right now we are doing this, um, before, like I showed in our website, Official website. There is some like, uh, I create and also some of them are created by our community members. So these also, we are going to attend the next, uh, digital fashion week to, as a showcase.

Also, we want to as a, how to say example to onboarding more and more artists to join our platform to co-create with us together. Yeah. Yeah. 


Wow. And I'm wishing you all the best when it comes to the future projects that you're working as well. Like shoot in real life for like people around the community as well.

Like obviously it's like a hand in hand everything. So you get the best out of them and they get the best out of you as well. 


Yes. It's like, uh, we co-create and how to say we value each other. So grow together. It's not only like, uh, how to say the traditional, uh, web two world. So we are competitors, so I'm more like, uh, into sharing and we grow up.

We value each other, adding value to each other. Yeah, 


Yeah, most definitely. Like teamwork makes the dream work right. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I've got got another question, and this is like mic out. It's all open floor right now, and this goes out to the both of you. And that is what jobs are available and what essential skills are needed to thrive in the digital fashion industry.


Of course. Uh, 


Okay. I can be, yeah. Uh, of course, uh, uh, digital design, uh, it will be very, it's a lot of opportunity for digital stylists, for, uh, digital fashion designers, for creators, for artists. Uh, so digital fashion is. Uh, it's a great opportunity, huge opportunity for creativity, for fantasy. That's why, uh, it's, it'll be a lot of, a lot of profession, new profession.

And, uh, you can see now it's already, um, Uh, start to, uh, already fashion stylist, uh, uh, for example, also before going to shopping or something like this, uh, before, uh, waste your time in shopping malls. You can try all, everything digitally. So I believe that digital fashion stylists will be very popular in future and also digital fashion, uh, designers of course, and, uh, of course programmers.

It, uh, people and, uh, supporting, uh, of course producers who create, uh, digital fashion shows. So I think it's, it's a great opportunity and new professions. And now I. Suggest, and, uh, I even, uh, uh, I, I believe that, uh, also for students, it should be better to start if, if you want to be fashion designers or fashion stylists even for better, uh, to start from digital fashion, uh, because you can try.

Uh, and minimize your budget, and you can try, uh, already to understand your audience, your target audience, and understand what they like. So yeah, I, I believe in it. Yeah. 


Yeah, uh, yeah, because I'm also a startup of my own company, so I think in the future there will be a lot of job opportunity in I'd say digital fashion or 3D garments, this kind of area first, like, uh, more and more brands, they are shifting themselves from web two to web three.

So as you see a lot of luxury brand there already. Entering the Metaverse, they need to hire people to like working together in the space. Secondly, I see already there's a lot of like freelancers. They are doing more digital fashion. So also we are platform. So what I want to build is like onboarding them.

We co-work together. Everyone gets loyalty fee. That will be also a good opportunity for freelancer to get, um, have say passive income from their de designs. So there, there's so many opportunity and also there are a lot of studios that which used to be in real life and now. There is like another option you can shoot in digitally, like a digital, uh, use Unreal Engine or U Unity, so everything will be.

Going to digital and also this kind of 3D modeling showcase advertisement will also be passed through from 2D or traditional studio to 3D studio very fast. So I think, um, there's so many things happening. The industry and the whole industry is shifting. So yeah. Um, a lot of opportunity. Yeah, for students and also for people from other areas like 3d, um, how to say.

Other, um, careers. They used to be working 3d. Now they're, they have more and more opportunity to join into industry. 


Yeah. That sounds like real insightful. I appreciate the both of you for giving like, many different like, jobs available. Cause like Yeah, like the industry really is changing and we're heading towards like there's never seen that so much technology.

Technological advances that happened in our lifetime before, like everything like moving towards digital, like seeing that ai, like even like supermarkets, like being using like self checkout scans. Now we're going from like traditional fashion to digital fashion, like really help. It really like allows like opportunities, like even for like young people.

It also into tech and fashion to combine both of their love. One final question, and that is, what advice would you give to young people and anyone interested in entering the digital fashion space and making a mark in this exciting industry? 




Uh, I advise, uh, of course, uh, to be here. Um, adapted to for

uh, it, it because digital fashion now changing very fast and you should be open to change. So be, uh, adaptable and, uh, embrace, uh, new technologies and, uh, uh, learn. Uh, new technologies. Learn. Uh, Also new ways, uh, to, to embrace your creativity. So I advise to be adaptable in this, uh, fast changing world because new technology also very fast changing, especially with the eye now.

It's very fast changing, so you should be, uh, uh, adaptable. You should be, um, Of course learn sustainability and principles of sustainability, how to reduce your waste. How to reduce your waste, especially through your profession and, uh, how to be, uh, really sustainable not only for boards, but also for your actions.

Right. And of course I advise, um, foster your creativity. Uh, don't hesitate to, to embrace your creativity, unleash your creativity as much as possible. Uh, And of course I maybe advise network and collaborate with others because really, especially in digital fashion, I believe that it's no competitors. So all of us, it's like a huge family and, uh, especially, uh, in this sphere.

Uh, it's a, uh, it's a still small world web3, and, uh, digital fashion is still small and everyone already knows each other and we are friends and, uh, also we can collaborate with each other. We are not, not competitors, so I maybe. I advise network and collaborate with them and to search new artists and new marketplaces or web3 marketplaces, new, new digital fashion designers, etc, etc.

So I think by combining creativity, sustainability, and technological expertise, uh, you will be very successful. So it's my advice for young generation. Yeah. 


Those are some real gems that you drop right there. Olska, I remember that guys unleash your creativity and it's no competition. Everybody eats together.

Thank. Thank you Olska. And how about yourself, Isola? What advice would you give to young people trying to enter this exciting space?


Yeah, I totally agree with Olska. So for me, I have one extra I want to say just like, because the area is so new, like, uh, everyone in this place have to say we have a vision for future, but from the, this, To the future.

We are all exploring. So don't hesitate to be so I cannot do this. You cannot do that. You just try and we learn by doing the project. That's the way that I grow up by doing co collaboration project. I know this, I know that. I know technology, I know people. So, and we joined force together. That's how we can, um, going forward.

So don't be so afraid. I'm still a student. I'm new. Um, don't know anything about digital world 3D fashion. You will learn it by doing it. So that's my advice for that. Yeah. 


Yeah. Remember that guys. Believe in yourself and don't be afraid. And thank you so much for joining our talk today, Olska and Isola, like, how would you, where can, where can the people find you?

On social media. 


On social media, yeah. We also have, uh, Instagram, discord, Twitter, Ecoolska. It's our brand. So you can, uh, follow us and see our news, uh, from digital fashion, from sustainable fashion. Yeah. And that cycling. So, yeah. 


And how, and how pe, how would people, how would people spell it out? 


Yeah, it's uh, uh, you can search Ecoolska, uh, but of course I can send all links. Yeah. 


Thank you. Thank you, thank you. And how about yourself, Isola?


Yeah, uh, we have a lot of like channels like Discord community and also Twitter. Um, Instagram and our official website. So we are HGVIS. So we also welcome everyone to be a co-creator and build together with us. We value each other. Yeah. 


Thank you, and if you guys wanna see some of what I get up to for the My, my illustration and my character designs and my animations, feel free to follow me on Instagram and TikTok, which is Albz Made It, which is A L B Z M A D E I T. And follow us on what we do at hundo at You can find us on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and TikTok as well. And that's it guys. Thank you so much for joining today. It's been a real pleasure to have you both on board. Thank you very much.


Thank you very much, Albert. And, uh, thank you very much, Isola, nice to see you again. Uh, I respect you very much also and, uh, hope, uh, to see you personally soon. So, yes. Yes. I, I, uh, I wish everyone and, uh, who listened to us, uh, I wish everyone huge success and, uh, yeah.

Um, to be adaptable for this, uh, fast changing world. Yeah. 


Thank you so much for holding this event and talking. So it's really my honor to speak both of you. Both of you. So also we will see like, uh, we drawing force together and shaping the future fashion digital world. Yeah.

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