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Youth Advisory Council Member
Youth Advisory Council Member at
Youth Advisory Council Member at Comic Relief US

Abdulbasit is a young, passionate social entrepreneur and change-maker who is passionate about health, education, and global goals and committed to helping the world build back stronger from the COVID-19 pandemic. He is a certified educator and skilled in project management, monitoring and evaluation, data management, business management, development, digital literacy, policymakers, and community engagement, and using storytelling advocacy to influence policy change.

Abdulbasit is the CFO of BYY Innovations, a company that equips young people with emerging digital skills and mentorships that will help them stand out and make a difference in their communities; he has also served on the board of directors and as a consultant for another startup; and he has extensive experience in research and development, working and volunteering with various organizations focused on improving and ensuring sustainable and inclusive education, livelihood, healthy communities, and governance.

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