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I'm Daniel Potes, a NYC-based Creative Technologist specializing in event-based product design, photography, interactive arts, applied creative technology, and AI integration. Over 9 years, I've enhanced my skills from Virginia to New York, delving into Industrial Robotics, ML & IoT networks, and AI workflows. With expertise in photography, 3D scanning, application creation, and applied ML for robotics, I excel in various roles. As a Physical Technologist and AI Integration Specialist at Future Colossal in NYC, I've built $100,000+ OEM hardware for major clients while transitioning teams towards a future-forward AI workflow. From LED artworks to Mixed Reality hardware solutions and real-time AI environment design, I've honed my skills in Embedded Hardware and AI, overseeing projects from pitch to delivery. Currently, I'm excited about the future of AI Integrated Amusement Design.

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