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Co-Founder & CEO
Co-Founder & CEO at
Co-Founder & CEO at Daigon Esports

Elliot Mack, co-founder and CEO of Daigon Esports, is dedicated to helping international schools empower their students by developing crucial future-proof skills through the world of esports and video games. Elliot's personal experiences drive Daigon Esports' mission to bridge the international school community through esports competitions as well as help schools leverage gaming as an interest-based learning catalyst for cultivating essential 21st-century and interpersonal skills. Both Elliot and his co-founder Younes are proud international school alumni who, despite attending different schools, forged a strong bond through a mutual friend and their shared passion for gaming. This unique connection not only inspired the creation of Daigon Esports but also instilled in Elliot a deep understanding of the transformative power of esports in fostering international friendships and empowerment. Along the way, Elliot & Younes teamed up with David Higginson and Gary Hector, who had previously founded an activities management platform and worked with hundreds of international schools, to bring their vision to life. In his conversations across the international school landscape, Elliot seeks to spread his conviction that esports acts as a powerful tool for inclusion and leveling the playing field while preparing students for the future.

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