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CEO and Founder
CEO and Founder at UNTAGGED
CEO and Founder at

My focus is on creating innovative and inspiring business and marketing solutions at enterprise and consumer level that deliver excellent results.

During my career, I have held marketing, strategy and innovation roles with global businesses, SMEs and start-ups, giving me a valuable perspective on what it takes to make businesses of any size succeed. I believe large businesses can learn from start-ups’ fast approach to innovation and how they leverage technology, whilst start-ups can benefit from more rigorous analysis and performance measurement to optimize their tight resources.

I have had a rewarding 20-year career in marketing, strategy and consultancy roles for global consumer goods companies, leading teams, inspiring organisations behind change, and developing and implementing marketing plans that resulted in step-changes in performance. In 2019 I started my own technology business. Having immersed myself in the Web3 world, UNTAGGED leverages this and other emerging technologies such as AR and VR in a platform that incentivizes consumers to make sustainable fashion choices. I've successfully raised pre-seed investment, built the digital platform, and completed a successful beta trial.

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