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Luke Judge is a seasoned digital marketing expert with a reputation for innovative thinking and ethical practices. As the former CEO of Incubeta UK & US, Luke significantly contributed to the company's global growth, expanding the organization to over 500 people worldwide. In his role at Tapx, he spearheaded a transformative plan for the pioneering Web3 company, strengthening its foothold in the industry.

Currently, as the CEO of hundo, Luke is at the forefront of preparing young people for the future of work, reflecting his commitment to making a tangible impact in the community. His international exposure, combined with his experiences in international crisis volunteering, has instilled a deep appreciation for diverse markets and cultures. Luke's mission-driven approach in his work has led to frequent speaking invitations and judge appointments at industry events.

Luke's personal brand embodies innovation, ethical practices, and a dedication to growth. His unwavering support for startups and entrepreneurs, coupled with his impactful international crisis relief efforts, reflect his passion for fostering positive change both in the industry and the wider world.

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