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Melisa Cilli, is a forward-thinking digital fashion designer passionate about driving the future of the industry through innovative technologies. With a strong belief in the potential of immersive experiences, she is dedicated to exploring new solutions and pushing the boundaries of fashion design.

Her journey in fashion has revealed the digital realm as the future. She envisioned a world where fashion is created and experienced through cutting-edge technologies like virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). As a pioneer in digital fashion, Melisa strives to lead the transformation from physical to digital.

With an MA in Fashion and Textile Design, coupled with a BSc in Computer Engineering, she possess a unique blend of creative and technical skills. By combining her creative vision with technical expertise, she actively seek collaborations with like-minded individuals and organisations who share her passion for revolutionising the industry. Through the use of digital tools and immersive technologies, Melisa aims to redefine the way we create, experience, and consume fashion.

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