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Co-Founder & Wellbeing Coach at
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Natalie Howley is a distinguished Wellbeing & EQ Coach and Frontend React Developer based in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. She graduated from the University of Exeter and has carved a niche in enhancing emotional intelligence within tech companies. Natalie specializes in helping these companies build and retain top teams by fostering improved communication and well-being. Her methods have been successfully implemented in collaborations with industry leaders such as Amazon, WeWork, and The Social Hub.

Natalie's offerings include the unique "Lunch & Learn Workshops," where teams engage in interactive learning sessions over lunch, drawing on insights from leading personal growth books to simplify complex ideas. Additionally, her comprehensive 8-week "EQ Mastery Programme" involves hands-on workshops designed to strengthen team connections and foster a culture of trust and collaboration. This programme emphasizes the practical application of the five components of emotional intelligence in daily work scenarios.

Her impactful work aims to enhance team productivity, improve relationships, and drive sustainable growth. Results from Natalie's programs often lead to increased team loyalty, enhanced client satisfaction, and overall happier, more fulfilled teams.

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