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Owen is your to 'go-to' guy for blockchain talent. To date, Owen has placed over 90 people from 32 countries into various different blockchain projects. Currently, Owen serves a vast array of clients from heavily funded Series As to industry leading L1s. Owen's commitment to integrity is one of his defining qualities. This combined with his industry knowledge and thorough screening reports, ensures that clients can make confident, well-informed decisions before hiring.Before entering the Web3 space, Owen established himself as a seasoned HR professional. His expertise in traditional HR practices, coupled with his seamless transition into the rapidly evolving blockchain ecosystem, uniquely qualifies him to comprehend the industry's requirements and dynamics from multiple vantage points.

Owen, in addition to being a recruiter, is a prominent speaker on web3 recruitment. His insights and expertise make him a sought-after speaker who contributes to the development of the industry by disseminating best practices, trends, and strategies for attracting and cultivating web3 talent.

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