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Head Of Digital Learning
Head Of Digital Learning at South Staffordshire College
Head Of Digital Learning at

Stephen Wileman is the Head Of Digital Learning at South Staffordshire College, where he plays a pivotal role in shaping the digital education landscape. With a keen focus on innovative learning solutions, Stephen’s work involves developing strategies that harness technology to enhance  business and educational experience across multiple disciplines.

He has a passionate commitment to Educational Technology (EdTech) initiatives to integrate AI/AR/VR solutions into traditional business and learning environments. Steve’s expertise lies in identifying and implementing digital tools that not only improve business and learning outcomes but also make digital adoption more accessible and inclusive. His vision for digital adoption is one where technology empowers every person, regardless of background, to reach their full potential.

As a member of the senior leadership team  and a thought leader in digital education, Stephen continues to collaborate with businesses, educators and technologists to drive forward the agenda of digital transformation. His efforts are geared towards creating a dynamic, inclusive and diverse talent pool that is well-equipped to meet the challenges of the digital age.

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