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Chief AI Creative Director
Chief AI Creative Director at
Chief AI Creative Director at Tery Spataro Consulting & Designs

“Imagination is the tool of creation. It’s a lens through which we can see our world and picture how we might change it. We have always used our imagination to transform the world around us, continuing to do so. But that doesn’t mean we should be afraid of new tools and new ways to imagine—just like a hammer doesn’t make a house, but it does make building one easier!” - Tery.

As a Creative Director, Storyteller, and Content Creator, I specialize in utilizing AI to create captivating experiences. My passion for science fiction and futurism has led me to become an author, innovator, and AI enthusiast. My AI-generated digital art transcends both digital and physical realms, often combining the two, with the aim to inspire, energize, and entertain. In my fine arts, I trained AI models through Playform on my artwork, while in brand and commercial design work, I utilize generative AI. My diverse portfolio showcases digital and fine arts creations, surface design products, fashion pieces, and numerous books I have both illustrated and authored.

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