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4 key takeaways from hundo’s Future of Work SXSW panel

Here’s what went down at our talk in Austin

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On March 12, hundo co-founder Esther, our TikTok creator DJ Krystal Lake, and Imagen Insights co-founder Jay Richards arrived Stateside to give a talk on Gen Z, the metaverse, and the future of work. Here are the biggest takeaways:

Build an audience with Gen Z

One of the key messages that came from the Saturday panel was the idea that you have to build with Gen Z for them to relate to your company or brand. In the words of Jay Richards: "There has to be constant communication with Gen Z. Pay them, make them part of your community, and build that long-term trust!"

For Gen Z, a display of active involvement can really seal the deal. The best way to do this is by building trust with two-way communication. Esther reiterated that ‘if we can collaborate and partner in the territories where we can make an impact, we believe we can do it'.

Use the metaverse to upskill
The metaverse isn’t just a fun virtual playground. It's a valuable tool for young people to be able to upskill, and become educated on web3 on their own terms. That’s exactly what hundo is most passionate about, ahead of building our very own metaverse learn2earn platform. The possibility of the metaverse and web3 has yet to be fully realised, and it is young people that are going to benefit the most from it.

Gen Z care about having a community
A generation fuelled by all things IRL, building niche online communities is something valuable to Gen Z. This is something that the metaverse will offer in more ways than one for young people and those after them, to incubate niche communities based on shared interests and preferences. The metaverse is going to present a new way of navigating a virtual social life. Krystal noted that ‘young voices are so important. So many people say that but they still don’t feel heard.’ and giving a community to these young people, where they do feel seen and heard by their peers but also by companies, is incredibly important'.

It’s our job to equip Gen Z
When it comes to web3, there are certain resources needed to access the metaverse. Our panel concluded that it's the job of businesses, companies, and corporations  to make sure that everyone from all backgrounds are equipped to tap into their full potential, in both web3 and other careers. Esther told the audience that ‘fundamentally we believe in giving young people 100%.’There should be no resource barriers placed in front of young people to thrive!'.

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