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4 things going on in the metaverse right now

A round-up of the latest web3 news



Things are constantly changing in the metaverse and web3 worlds. To help you keep up, we’ve rounded up some of the most recent stories of how people are pushing the boundaries in this space.

The metaverse is getting its first ever diversity and inclusivity centre
The world of crypto isn’t just for silicone valley bros. Here to prove it, People of Crypto Lab (POC) has teamed up with The Sandbox to launch the first centre for diversity in the metaverse. Launching in June this year, POC aims to create new opportunities for underrepresented creators, work with brands who celebrate diversity, as well as creating a diverse avatar collection with 57 skin shades and differently-abled bodies.

Virtual offices could be the antidote for Zoom fatigue
Thanks to the pandemic, working from home is very much the new normal now. There are obviously pros (no commuting with your face in someone’s armpit, for one thing), but on the downside, it can make it harder to connect with your colleagues. But as technology develops, we could all be working from home through a virtual office. Think: virtual versions of office spaces so that you can interact in real-time as avatars with your colleagues, brainstorming ideas on a virtual whiteboard and even virtual team-building nights out.

The future of make up is digital
The latest beauty trends blur the line between the digital world and the real world. It’s not just about filters that make your skin look flawless, either – some creators are coming up with 3D beauty that doesn’t exist in our reality, from futuristic make up looks to AR manicures. There’s also talk about how the metaverse could improve buying actual make up – for example, trying on different shades of lipstick in the metaverse and then having the actual product delivered to your door.

NFTs have the power to create more opportunities for women
The world of NFTs can feel like quite a male-dominated space, but Lisa Mayer is on a mission to change that with Boss Beauties. Lisa has spent the last 10 years running her social enterprise, My Social Canvas, which provides opportunities for young women and girls around the world. Boss Beauties is the next step, with an NFT collection of 10,000 avatars of inspiring women. Sales from the NFTs, as well as partnerships with brands such as Barbie, Hugo Boss and Rolling Stone, are helping to fund scholarship programmes for the next generation of women, which is what it’s all about.

Words: Izzy Aron

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