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AI and the Future of Work: How students can prepare for it

As the job market evolves, AI is essential for students. Embracing AI skills offers a competitive edge, nurturing critical thinking, creativity, and ethical awareness. Prepare for the future job market with hundo's AI for Students course.

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AI plays a major role in the transformation of the world of work, which is occurring at an accelerating pace. A crucial skill for teenagers and students is the ability to embrace Artificial Intelligence as an essential skill, and educators and parents need to recognise the impact AI is having on the future of work.

AI in the Workforce

Artificial intelligence is being embraced by many industries. Its applications are numerous and diverse, transforming the job market in a number of ways:

🔸Automation: AI-driven machines and robots are taking over routine and repetitive tasks, allowing human workers to focus on more creative and complex jobs. 

🔸Enhanced Decision-Making: AI systems assist professionals in making data-driven decisions by analysing vast amounts of information quickly and accurately.

63% of businesses say AI has helped them to make better decisions. (Source: IBM)

🔸Personalised Services: AI technologies enable companies to provide personalised customer experiences, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

🔸Industry-Specific Applications: From healthcare to finance and manufacturing, AI is revolutionising various sectors, creating new career opportunities. 

Why should young people get prepared with AI?

📌AI-prepared students are more competitive and adaptable in the job market.

📌AI fosters valuable skills like critical thinking, problem-solving, data analysis, and creativity.

📌AI literacy can empower students to create their own startups and innovate.

📌AI education includes teaching students about AI ethics and bias, making them responsible tech users and contributors.

How to get prepared

AI is revolutionising the world of work, and the next generation's success depends on their ability to adapt to this new landscape.

20% of the Labour Market is set to be significantly underskilled for their jobs by 2030. (Source: Industrial Strategy Council)

As parents and educators, it's our responsibility to empower our teenagers and students with AI skills, making them not only competitive in the job market but also ethical and responsible contributors to the AI-driven future.

One way to prepare students for the future of work is through hundo's AI for Students (& Parents) course. This comprehensive course teaches students essential AI skills, how to use AI platforms for education, and how to prepare for their future job applications and interviews.

The course has three levels of difficulty, so students can progress through each section at their own pace. Beginners will learn about artificial intelligence, how it works, and its ethical implications, next up at intermediate level, students learn how to solve real-world problems using AI. In our advanced courses, students study deep learning and machine learning, two of the most complex AI subjects.

Sign up and support our Kickstarter course campaign now and help young people prepare for the future of work!

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