Check out the hundo team’s Ready Player Me avatars

Ready Player Me gave hundo the opportunity to create our own avatars ahead of the launch of our learn2earn platform 

Ready Player Me avatars are some of the leading metaverse assets in the game. So we were thrilled when our full and ever-growing team got the chance to create our very own.

We selected our hair colour, outfits and even wild eye makeup to match our real-life personalities. hundo co-founder Esther encourages the use of avatars as a direct response to hiring bias, and as a means to level the career playing field. She says: "We know that bias occurs with the use of profile photos for non-white candidates, and in 2020, hundo won an Innovate UK grant to successfully pilot the use of avatars as a way to remove hiring bias."

Now, we are launching our hundo Ready Player Me avatars ahead of the launch of our very own web3 focused learn to earn education platform and the launch of CareerCon22 - the world's first metaverse careers event that young people will actually want to attend!

Discover how you can make your very own Ready Player Me avatar here.

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