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From social impact to connecting community and culture

3 Monkeys Zeno specialises in crafting gripping creative brand campaigns, which has cemented their reputation as a PR and communications company to be reckoned with. From highlighting period poverty to collabing with Kano, find out below about four of 3 Monkeys Zeno's most impactful campaigns so far. 

Lenovo - ‘New Realities’ 
Inspired by Lenovo’s own research that that 78% of people worldwide feel an empathy gap, Lenovo challenged 3 Monkeys Zeno (3MZ) to demonstrate to Gen Z that technology can aid empathy and change.

3MZ's response was New Realities, an award winning global campaign that told the stories of 10 women, from 10 different countries, through the medium of 360 degree technology in Virtual Reality. The featured women all offered leading commentary on a variety of critical social issues in their communities. The campaign was a huge success and gained a large amount of media traction worldwide, positioning Lenovo as a thought leader in empathy powered by technology.

When we spoke to our Gen Z community about what they liked about 3MZ’s campaigns, one person said, "The Lenovo 'New Realities' campaign impressed me the most as it is an interesting concept which encapsulates the very relevant themes of empathy and the experience of women around the world."

Wray & Nephew - ‘Engaging communities through culture’
In 2019, 3MZ started to collaborate with the Campari group, working specifically on elevating their whiskey and rum brands. Working with the Group’s Jamaican white rum, Wray & Nephew and 3MZ crafted a strategy to make the brand more relevant to 20-somethings while in high energy nightlife spaces. Using music as the universal unifier within London’s communities, 3 Monkeys Zeno hosted the ‘Wray Residencies’, a programme of gigs and events with up and coming talent that took place in empty retail spaces and community hot spots. When 2020 rolled around, they took things a step further, collaborating with grime artist Kano, turning Newham leisure centre (in his hometown) into the playground for a one-off live performance, which was hailed as a ‘triumph’. 100% of all proceeds went back into local causes to support Black British businesses and creativity.

Hey Girls - ‘UNSanitary’ 
Highlighting the devastating impact and sheer volume of period poverty in the UK, 3MZ teamed up with social enterprise, Hey Girls. New research showed that a staggering 1 in 6 women or a family member of theirs had been affected by period poverty, which mostly incorporates a lack of access to sanitary products. After launching the campaign to media and influencers, on launch day pop up shops gave away the ‘UNSanitary packs’ , created by adam&eveDDB, that looked and felt like normal sanitary products. However, they were not, and instead of including tampons or pads, they were stocked with items such as loo roll, newspapers, and socks, all items that many people with uteruses are forced to use. The campaign was featured in the likes of Glamour and even on Sky News, London Live amongst others. Our Gen Z respondents were impressed with the boldness of the UNSanitary campaign and were glad that it served to tackle a 'taboo subject like menstrual waste.’ 

Corona - ‘Wave of Waste’
In conjunction with World Oceans Day and Corona, 3 Monkeys Zeno built a literal wave of waste sculpture, to draw attention to the high levels of plastic pollution in our oceans. What’s more, this campaign had a celebrity touch as actor Chris Hemsworth surfed the plastic wave, and renowned environmental activist Ben Fogle was brought in to spearhead the campaign, securing national news coverage. 

Our trusty go to Gen Zers saw the ‘Wave of Waste’ stunt for the masterpiece it was, commenting that ‘it's always good to see companies working on promoting sustainability and saving the environment.’ They even got influencers on board by sending out sustainable Hawaiian Shirts to encourage their social audience to nab a shirt themselves with all proceeds going to charity. 

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