hundo secures $2 million seed funding for its metaverse platform


We’re delighted to announce that we’ve completed a seed round led by Ascension VC, with Moscar Capital and Outlier Ventures alongside a number of Angel investors. The $2 million round will supercharge our growth plans, build our EdTech platform and see us make our first move into the metaverse in 2022 ahead of a planned Series A round.

Alongside existing partners like Reed Global, leading comms agency 3Monkeys Zeno has signed up for our Career Collab - an innovative way for employers to attract and retain Gen Z talent. This is part of 3MZ's commitment to making their workforce, and the comms and PR industry, more diverse. You can find more details on the collab here.


The success for hundo is in the numbers - with 50% of hundo candidates coming from significantly disadvantaged backgrounds, and 84% of young people coming through hundo still employed 12 months later.

Founder Esther O’Callaghan OBE says, “hundo is the product of my life's work. The level of funding we have attracted, in such a short period, is testament to the impact hundo has made thus far and the confidence investors have in our solution.

"In the UK tech industry alone, three million roles will be needed by 2025. hundo has joined the Outlier Ventures Basecamp Accelerator to fast track our next gen EdTech platform that will empower young people from all backgrounds to embrace and be ready to work with Web3 and the metaverse. Ultimately, young people will be able to learn, work and earn online through the hundo platform wherever they are in the world."

Co-founder Piers adds: “hundo was launched at the start of the pandemic and our growth has proven that there is a more innovative way for young people to connect with their future employers. Providing greater knowledge and data on both sides of the hiring equation allows for better decision making and more informed career and educational choices. This has ultimately enabled hundo to grow during one of the toughest hiring markets the UK has seen in recent times.” 

As for hundo's Technical Co-Founder, Scott Byrne-Fraser simply says: "It's going to be f****** awesome in our metaverse!"

Commenting on the round, Chairman and Angel investor Michael Whitfield added: “From the day I met Esther and Piers I knew they were a force of nature who, with the right backing, would take on the challenge of youth unemployment and win. They are as instinctive about business as they are passionate about helping young people find work, and I see them as a high growth investment destined for great things.”

A big thank you to everyone who has supported us through this incredibly exciting phase, and be sure to keep an eye on our website and socials for further exciting announcements.

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