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hundo’s five fave metaverse-themed SXSW panels

Find out which panels we couldn't wait to see in Austin

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As you may know, hundo went to SXSW  to learn and educate on topics surrounding Gen Z, the future of work, and the metaverse! In the run-up to the big event, we compiled some of our most highly anticipated panels from SXSW 2022.

hundo: Gen Z, the metaverse and the future of work
Obviously, we couldn’t do an SXSW panel round-up without talking about our very own panel! Hundo’s co-founder Esther gave a talk on all things, Gen Z, the metaverse and the future of work. It was interesting as it was educational, and Esther was joined by hundo’s panel of experts including co-founder of Imagen Insights Jay Richards. Attendees got to find out about metaverse investment opportunities, how Gen Z approach work, and how XR tech can help out in HR.

Fashion’s New Frontier: The Metaverse
Whether it’s luxury fashion houses creating and investing in NFTs, or the launch of metaverse fashion shows, there is no doubt that fashion has a very large part to play in web3. This particular panel dived into the ins and outs of metaverse fashion, and looked at how its popularity as a creative industry will continue to grow within the metaverse space. Panel hosts included metaverse icon Cathy Hackyl, as well as other speakers from gaming platform ROBLOX, Ralph Lauren and Funomena. 

Across the Metaverse: Independent Music in XR
Big names such as Ariana Grande, and Lil Nas X have already played well-attended shows in the metaverse, but exactly does the metaverse offer up for the smaller players in the increasingly complex music industry? This particular talk was geared to independent labels, and artists who want to make waves in XR and the metaverse, in a post-COVID landscape. Making the metaverse accessible for indie artists and labels was the goal of this panel, and it aimed to bust the myth that only industry giants can participate in web3 and XR. Representatives from Ristband Inc, Roblox, and British Underground gave insights into curating metaverse events, on any scale. 

NFTs and the Metaverse: Art’s Digital Age
NFT collections are selling like hotcakes, and for any artist, hopping on board the metaverse train would be a wise idea. This talk educated attendees about the digital age. How we experience, collect, sell and create artwork is changing and this digital shift requires some general tech and NFT knowledge. Panel hosts included the VP of Product at Saatchi Art, the founder of The Other Art Fair, Ryan Stainer as well as some digital artists themselves. 

Inventing Humans in the Metaverse
Whilst the title for this one is pretty, well…meta, the subject matter was incredibly eye-opening. It was all about facilitating a human presence into a metaverse and XR space, and exactly how this can be done. From avatars to virtual beings, how will real-life people and communities look and be represented in web3? Big names from Verizon and Microsoft spoke on this enlightening panel. 

You can check out the rest of the 2022 SXSW schedule here.

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