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Find out what it's like to work at global PR agency 3 Monkeys Zeno

What better way to learn about a company's culture and ethos than to hear from the people who work there. We asked Evie, Colette and Lucy about life at 3 Monkeys Zeno, on everything from their day-to-day to the most interesting thing they’ve learned in their current roles. Find out what the 3 Monkeys Zeno team had to say below!

What is your role at 3MZ? 
I’m a Senior Account Executive at 3MZ.

Lucy: I’m an Account Manager on the Digital team.

Colette: I am a Graphic Designer at 3 Monkeys Zeno. 

How long have you been working for the company? 

Evie: I’ve been working for 3MZ since January 2020, so almost two years!

Lucy: I’ve been working for 3MZ since October 2017, so four years! 

Colette: I started in January 2021, in the midst of the pandemic. So, it’s coming up to one year.

What does a typical day look like for you? 

Evie: As a Senior Account Executive, my role is to be all over the day to day function of the account. This includes drafting content, pitching to the media, making sure all admin responsibilities are split between myself and other members of the team, sitting on client calls, and supporting any ad-hoc requests.

Lucy: No day is ever the same on the Digital team! I get to work with lots of amazing brands across a variety of sectors, getting to experience everything from managing social media channels to running influencer campaigns. There’s nothing better than watching TikTok videos and being able to call it work! As an Account Manager, there’s lots of project management involved too, especially when working on integrated campaigns with other teams across the agency. 

Colette: As designers, we often work on different briefs for varying clients across the business so no two days are the same. We jump from designing new business pitch presentations to exploring concepts for social content and everything in between. The variety of work is what keeps my days exciting. 


What is your favourite thing about your job? 

Evie: My favourite thing about my job is truly the people. We do some amazing campaigns and the support from the team along the way is what makes the experience.

Lucy: Within the digital team specifically, things are always changing and evolving in the world of social media which means you can never get bored! I also love the people and clients that I work with which makes such a massive difference.

Colette: One of my favourite parts about my job is seeing my work ‘in the wild’. It’s so rewarding to see your hard graft out in the world being acknowledged and appreciated. It’s this that spurs me on to continue to challenge myself creatively. 

How would you describe your company culture? 

Evie: I would describe our company culture as fun, inclusive, supportive and uplifting.

Lucy: The company culture at 3MZ is non-hierarchical which is something I’ve always loved about the agency. Everyone is super supportive and happy to have a laugh about things, which is important when you spend so much time with the people you work with.

Colette: The culture is the beating heart of 3MZ and what makes working here so fun. From day one you’re made to feel included and valued. They pull out all the stops to create an open, supportive and inspiring workplace for us all.  


What's the most interesting thing you've learned in your role?  

Evie: As a Senior Account Executive, you’re slowly starting to learn the ropes in managing an account. The most interesting thing I’ve learned is my actual management type, since this is the first time I’ve managed people on an account. It’s a great experience to learn how you might need to tailor your approach depending on who you’re managing.

Lucy: Before I started working in an agency I thought that everybody who worked in one would be very 'samey'. However, over the years I’ve learned that there are so many different personalities, skill sets, working styles, and ways of thinking, which all work together to do the best work!

Having not travelled down the traditional route of PR, I feared I may have been at a disadvantage. In fact, coming from a different creative background has helped massively as I’ve learnt to look at design from a different perspective.  


What has been a standout highlight in your role so far? 

Evie: The standout highlight thus far is our role in planning Wray & Nephew’s Wray Residencies. We spent quite some time planning, managing production and ironing out the small details to ensure that consumers received the best experience. After each event, we heard such lovely feedback from attendees, production partners and the artists we worked with about how epic the event was.

Lucy: There have been so many, but launching the Virgin Voyages cruise line was a big highlight. All hands were most definitely required on deck (no pun intended) but it was all worthwhile in the end! 

Colette: My most standout moment in my role to date has to be working for Strings and Things. Having been involved in the campaign from the beginning, it was great to see how the project evolved. We created a ton of designed assets, from logos and packaging to illustration and photo editing. Although a heavy lift, the outcome was something I was proud to put my name on. 

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