Introducing Lottie Whyte: Co-founder of wellness tech company MyoMaster

Meet the company dedicated to aiding injury recovery 

MyoMaster create products dedicated to helping your body heal and thrive. The company started when co-founder and professional athlete Joe Gray resorted to adapting a drill to help ease the impact of his achilles tendonitis. Since then the company have launched in Selfridges, been nominated for a new business award, and are taking their education of health, wellness and fitness well beyond their products. We sat down with Lottie Whyte to talk about wellness tech, the company’s growth, and MyoMaster’s hopes for the future. 

What was the inspiration behind MyoMaster? 
My co-founder is a professional rugby player, and both he and I were suffering from injuries in different ways. I had torn a muscle in my foot after a marathon and he has achilles tendonitis and he was trying to treat himself so that he could get back to playing rugby. He was at the kitchen table supposed to be fitting the kitchen and turned his drill into a massager, started using it on himself and found incredible relief. That was the moment that it started but the broader inspiration is about helping people to look after their bodies and give them the knowledge and tools to be able to do that. So many people around the world, over a billion people right now, are suffering from muscle and joint issues and there isn’t enough information or products that help them to look after their bodies properly so that’s what we are trying to do!
Do you think tech plays an important role within the wellness industry? 

I think there are so many opportunities to develop new products but also to connect people and give them access to information that they didn’t have before. That’s one of the main opportunities with wellness, for people to have increasing amounts of knowledge on how to get the best out of ourselves and how to look after ourselves and think about wellness. It becomes increasingly important in a stressful world with often poor diets, and giving people access to the knowledge that helps them to manage their bodies and their lifestyles better is powerful.
What has the reaction to the company been like so far?

It’s been incredible! We’ve grown quite quickly (400% last year!) We’ve got some super fans of the brand and we are trying to build those people out. It’s incredibly rewarding to get such awesome customer feedback, people writing in and telling us that our products are making a huge difference to people's lives and the way their bodies feel and helping them recover from really debilitating issues. 

Have there been any company milestones so far? 
I would say launching in Selfridges was a real highlight, as well as some of the athletes who have come on board and supported the product. Chris Robshaw, Marcus Smith, The Stoltman brothers etc. And we’ve just been nominated for the Best New Business category at the National Business Awards so that’s been exciting. 

What are your hopes for the future? 
We are continuing to grow out of our community and support people! It’s about so much more than the product, we are passionate about giving people all the tools that they need to look after their bodies effectively. For us it’s about continuing to provide powerful education, ramping that up and growing the community. We’ve got some cool events to help people with their fitness and their wellness and it’s about scaling the market and the places where we can sell our products. We are launching in Westfield and also Amazon in a couple of weeks.

What has been a personal career highlight? 
One has been quitting my job so that I can do this as a main hustle! It’s a dream of a leap for so many people. It’s frightening and challenging to do. I did that in January after working on this for 18 months alongside my job. My second would be getting on the board of M&C Saatchi at 28. I was the youngest ever board member so that was cool!

What career advice would you give your younger self? 
I would say you can do anything you can imagine, anything! It sounds cheesy but if you can dream it, you can do it!

Words: Grace Goslin

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