Why you shouldn't give up on your dream job

Don't give up the daydream!
Why you shouldn't give up on your dream job

In 2015, the world felt like a very different place. Donald Trump was just a TV host with bad hair, Corona was just another Mexican beer, and The Independent reported that almost half of university graduates landed their dream job. Fast forward to now and the BBC reports a large percentage of young people giving upon their career aspirations, but just because the career market has suddenly changed, this doesn't mean that you have to accept the first job that comes along and shelve everything you've worked towards.

If Covid means you're struggling to get a foot in the door it’s time to put your brave pants on, hold onto your dreams, and just adjust your career plan.

Don’t forget your OG..

Remember, you have decades of your career ahead of you so why give up on your goals? If Covid has scuppered your plans in the short-term, it isn't the end of the world. Try to see it as an opportunity to gain new skills and make some contacts in your dream career field before you get your original plans back on track.

Werk it...

Some people are great at schmoozing but it can feel really 'squeaky bum time' if small talk isn't your thing. BUT networking really does pay off so try to keep at it. Keep your LinkedIn profile up to date, make professional social media accounts if it's appropriate, and stay in touch with ex-colleagues. You never know, the right job might even pop up on Instagram!

Be a boffin...

A clever person once said, ‘knowledge is power’. You’ve got Google, you’ve got podcasts, you’ve even got these old-fashioned things called books. Whatever the subject, someone has written or talked about it. Fill yourself with knowledge on your dream career and beyond. An interesting fact you learned on a podcast might just be the thing that nails you the job.

(Insert inspirational quote here…) but seriously, don’t give up on your dreams. For help and advice give us a tinkle here at Hundo.

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