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Marketing for Gen Z: What you need to know

4 ways to crack the Gen Z market

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Gen Z are big consumers, and not only are they consuming, but they are also consuming consciously. Brands without a purpose don’t land, and we are a clever enough bunch to know when we are being taken for a marketing-ride. With this in mind, we’ve created a concise guide to the basics of marketing for a Gen Z audience. So grab your notepad, because this bunch are climate-conscious, brand savvy and ready to spend! 

Amplify Gen Z voices 
This might sound like an obvious statement, but when you’re trying to sell to Gen Z make sure that their voices, opinions and faces are at the forefront of your marketing. Gen Z want to see themselves represented in the brands they invest money and time in, and if this is done well you could earn yourself a loyal customer base. Also, where possible let Gen Z interact with one another around your product. Get people at the forefront of your campaigns who know how to speak to their peers, and in doing so uplift your brand! A 2021 Voxburner report said that 87% of Gen Z would support a brand if they felt represented in their advertising. The stats really speak for themselves. 

Influencers are valuable tools
Influencers, creatives, content creators - there’s a wealth of pseudonyms for what is essentially a public figure/salesperson. Although the term ‘influencer’ has become a memeable job title, it is a real job title nonetheless and these people are incredibly valuable, if not crucial to successfully mastering the Gen Z market. Gen Z content creators act as a necessary vector between your brand, and a wider Gen Z audience. Tapping into other people’s content is the best and most effective way to build a brand among Gen Z. 

Tailor your content 
When it comes to paid partnerships, and social media ads, it is important to remember that no two platforms are the same. That partnership you’ve secured for Instagram is not readily available to put on TikTok. The two are separate entities, with different social advertising requirements and should be treated as such. Tailoring your content is yes, time-consuming, but entirely necessary in order to secure a regulated brand identity among a Gen Z demographic. 

Stay on top of trends
Stay on top of the latest social, and cultural Gen Z trends even if you think they don’t relate directly to your brand. Having a general awareness of what makes Gen Z tick, is key to tapping into the wider market. This also means being adaptable, and ready to change with the way that Gen Z consumes. 

Be purpose-focused 
According to a YMS 2021 youth trends report, Gen Z embrace brands that make them feel good, and if a brand is not reflective of their generation or are not inclusive they appear to be from a bygone era. They also turn to brands that have a strong social purpose. For example environmentally and socially conscious brands are a big hit with Gen Zer’s

Words: Grace Goslin

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