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We sat down with PLAY's Product Owner, Courtney, and racked her brain about her time at PLAY, most treasured memories and unbeatable company culture! 

Tell us about your role at PLAY? 

I'm a Product Owner, which can be a very challenging but rewarding role. As a Product Owner, you wear many hats, so you need to be able to adapt to new situations quickly. I work with cross-functional teams, and together, we have all the skills and knowledge necessary to deliver great products. An essential part of my role is to have a higher perspective and ensure that the team maintains a cohesive vision despite the flexible and often fast-paced nature of agile product development! Everyone must be on the same page for a project to work effectively. Communication is key! 

What's your favourite part of the job? 
Every day is different, and so are the products you are working on. One day I could be working on the product vision and user journeys, and the next, testing the latest feature development; it's fun to be kept on your toes all day! I am one of the lucky ones; I work with an eclectic group of people, and there's always something new to learn or a challenge to tackle.  

What's your best PLAY memory? 
Wow! There are just too many to choose from! Mario Kart to Ski trips, but I think my best memory is being heard. PLAY has always been great at understanding what people want. In doing so, implemented ways to grow people's careers by introducing a career development framework and a personal and professional learning budget. It's lovely to work for a company that takes the time to find out what people want instead of only implementing what they think is best for people. Even as things evolve, I hope PLAY continues the tradition of involving the voice of employees in decision-making.

What's your career highlight? 
Working on our product Totem. I love understanding and knowing a product like the back of my hand; those times were some of the best I have ever had over the last six years. I worked with the team for quite a long time, and we built something great together! 

What are your hopes for the future? 
I've been at PLAY for some time and have seen it grow from a small team in a garage to the company it is today. It's almost bittersweet; people come and go, and I'll cherish those memories for a long time. But when one door closes, another one opens, and I am excited to start yet another new chapter of our time together! All will be revealed soon, I am sure! But for me, I would love more opportunities to work on some longer-term products, maybe even one of our own; I am a bit of a product fiend, so the more I can get stuck in, the happier I am! 

How would you describe PLAY's company culture? 
Joyful, creative, caring and innovative! We love and care about what we do and enjoy doing it together. Everyone is very passionate about their work and cares for the people they work with; it really is a great place to work! We have a lot of trust in each other, and no challenge is insurmountable. It's not all work and no play, either! We like getting to know each other and are pretty competitive; we love a good game or two of Mario Kart (of course, we have a company leaderboard) and enjoy playing board games and having a good natter over a drink or two.

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