Meet hundo's brand new TikTok host: DJ Krystal Lake

Get to know hundo's TikTok host, video editor and superstar DJ Krystal Lake

It is our pleasure to introduce to you hundo’s exceptional TikTok host, DJ Krystal Lake. When she’s not making funny and informative videos for her own mass of TikTok followers she’s an incredible DJ and we now have the pleasure of having Krystal on board with hundo for the launch of our very own TikTok channel! Find out below how Krystal got into video editing, DJing and how it’s going virtually hanging out with hundo’s fave creatives.  

How did you begin working in video? 
I’ve always had a camera in my hand. I’d make these really bad home movies when I was a little kid. I thought I was the next Tim Burton…at age 8.   

You've taken on the role of hosting and editing hundo's TikTok which launches next week, what has the process been like so far? 
Amazing, I’ve met so many great creators that inspire me and I can’t wait to share all of their stories!

Tell us a little bit about starting your own TikTok account, and why it's important for you to teach your followers things that they wouldn't have got taught in school? 
I wanted to create something that I wished I had as a kid. A lot of things that I was taught were either a lie or a one-sided story. I want people to understand themselves and the world and discover the power of digging deeper into the stories you were taught.

When you're not making TikTok's you're a superstar DJ! Tell us a little bit about this! 
DJing feels like a superpower, I can literally change the vibe of a room just by choosing a song and how to mix it. I just wrapped up a 3-month world tour with Ashnikko, which was amazing and full-on so now I get to chill and DJ in my living room.

What has been a personal career highlight for you so far? 
Landing two 30 under 30 awards in the same week. It feels like I’m living a dream, sometimes I forget how many people are seeing my videos, and I’m happy it’s making a change in their life. 

Have you got any exciting projects in the pipeline for 2022? 
I’ll be doing a few amazing things with GayTimes which will be dropping all throughout 2022. Keep an eye out for that!

If you could give your younger self one bit of career advice what would it be? 
Young Krystal, I know you’re trying to “fit in,” but that's not going to make you happy. Love those things that make you different and instead of trying to fit in, try to be you.

What's your favourite thing about what you do? 
The messages I get from my followers. A lot are younger kids that tell me how my videos helped them love themselves from loving their skin colour to finding the power in being a girl, to learning how to be a better ally. 

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