Meet hundo’s solidity developer: Giovanni Di Siena 

Get to grips with the ins and outs of hundo’s technical side with our very own, Gio

As hundo moves into the metaverse space, our technical team have been working incredibly hard to make this a reality! Meet our Solidity developer Giovanni, and find out exactly what he’s been working on. 

Tell us a little bit about what you do at hundo? 
At its core, I am helping to design and build technical architecture for the next evolution of hundo. This primarily involves Solidity smart contract development for the upcoming Campus learn2earn platform beta.

What exactly is a Solidity developer? 
Solidity is the native and most widely used programming language for creating decentralised applications that run as smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. So, a Solidity developer is one who uses the language to write code for Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) - compatible chains, typically utilising one of a number of available frameworks (e.g. Hardhat, Brownie, Foundry, etc.) for deployment and testing.

What was your career experience before you started at hundo? 
I had only recently graduated with a BSc in Physics prior to starting work with hundo, although I think official confirmation came through a little while after! In any case, I have been fully immersed in the web3/decentralised finance (DeFi) space for a number of years now, skilling up and volunteering whenever I could find the time (this mainly involved speed-running lectures on 2x and the inevitable burnout that came as a result on occasion haha!). I don’t come from a traditional comp-sci background, having previously worked as a lifeguard at school. I was only exposed to scientific software engineering through my degree course, although having now been in a couple of Solidity roles it's clear both my career and passion lies in this exciting intersection of decentralised finance and tech.

What exciting things are you working on at the moment?  
There is always so much more to learn, so I am constantly on the hunt for interesting articles, videos and code snippets. For people not familiar with the niche Crypto Twitter (CT) community, you’d be surprised by how great an educational resource it is - so if anyone ever catches me scrolling, it may not look like work but I you promise it is! Other than 'nerd sniping' advanced smart contract development patterns and gas optimisations on Twitter, I am looking to expand the scope of my limited company 81k, to include Chainlink oracle node operation which will be incredibly exciting once that gets going.

What does your day-to-day look like? 
Being self-employed, and especially a result of working in this industry, no two days look the same. There are always new distractions, whether it be surprise admin, technicalities of some DeFi hack, new project launches, tons of awesome educational content or the latest CT drama. It’s impossible to stay completely up to date with everything going on. I also have the added difficulty of trying to balance work with chronic health issues which can be incredibly unpredictable and frustrating at times. So other than dev work and new learnings, meetings and some form of physical activity make up the rest of my time.

What would you consider a career highlight so far? 
To be able to go back to university to give a talk as a Chainlink Developer Expert. That's a clear winner for me so far. I now offer mentorship to other scholars on the programme which supported me during my time as a student, so it feels amazing to start giving something back already, especially when this can at times be such a confusing and daunting space to get started in.

If you could give your younger self a bit of career advice, what would it be?
I would probably reassure myself that there is a role for everyone, that you can enjoy your work, and to embrace imposter syndrome. The importance of resilience can’t be understated - it’s so difficult trying to figure out where you fit in, which is why it’s absolutely crucial to keep an open mind and have confidence in yourself.

Check out Gio's LinkedIn here! 

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