Meet PLAY’s head of engineering: Alastair McFarlane 

Get to know the PLAY team 

We sat down with PLAY's head of engineering, Alastair McFarlane, to get to know more about his role at PLAY, his personal highlights and why being with PLAY from its humble beginnings has been so rewarding! 

Tell us about your role at PLAY? 
I lead our fantastic engineering team, (hopefully) making sure they have everything they need to build great products and lasting customer relationships. I work closely with Tim and Mike to keep on top of how many engineers we need and what they should be working on, as well as talking to current and prospective clients about their needs.

What's your favourite part of the job? 
Keeping the team interested by making sure they're fulfilled and working on fun and innovative projects.

What's your best PLAY memory? 
I've been here since nearly the start - joining 5 others in a garage, so it's been quite a journey. My favourite memory would have to be the time we spent in the Spanish bar opposite that first office, my boss being upsold to fancier ham (almost every time) and scheming for the future over a beer or a wine and tapas.

What has been your main career highlight so far? 
It sounds boring, but what I'm doing now! From the 6 of us we grew PLAY to over 20, launched Totem, and I became manager of the engineering team - and we have some other exciting news up our sleeve! This whole journey has been the highlight of my career and I'm excited for what's next!

What are your hopes for the future? 
Speaking of what's next, I can't wait to grow the team and keep building awesome products for interesting clients.

How would you describe Play's company culture?
We're innovative, don't take ourselves too seriously (except when we need to of course!) and enjoy socialising together as much as working together. We all believe that those around us are great at their jobs, and trust each other to deliver what we promise!

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