One year at hundo: Nadiyah Rajabally

Hundo’s digital marketing manager, Nadiyah, has been with the company for one whole year! Find out everything she’s learned on her exciting hundo journey so far. 

What has been one of the most exciting tasks you've worked on? 
I got the chance to work on quite a few exciting projects last year, but the one that stands out the most would be managing our ‘Story so Far’ and round announcements across hundo, the team and hundo’s family and friends' social media. I remember planning this for months and how stressed I was because it was the first proper project I owned. I had to create three different separate crib sheets with different examples of post copy and make sure timings, hashtags, dates, social assets etc were all perfect. 

On the day of the announcement, the team was in the office and we told everyone to post at a specific time because we had two announcements, and Esther and hundo’s post had to be done first. I remember feeling the pressure, running around helping everyone with their posts, making sure tagging, hashtags etc were all done properly. It was a stressful time for all of us, but it turned out amazing and we got to celebrate together. 

The announcement challenged me and proved I was capable of having ownership of my own projects. I learned a lot about myself and made me realise that I can do this, and I should be more confident in myself. The turnout and responses we got were incredible, to be able to know that I ran that project is something I am very proud of because we have had a lot of individuals and businesses wanting to work with us which is amazing!

Your job role is very varied, what part of it do you love the most? 
When I first started at hundo, I was meant to be working on social media but I have been very lucky to have worked across all of hundo’s projects, doing graphic design, managing hundo and the team’s social media, creating website content, managing our PR events, and representing hundo at events. So, yeah my role has been very varied but I have loved every minute of it because I get to try new things! 

It’s hard to pick one haha, so I will pick my two favourite jobs. My first favourite has to be having the opportunity to work so closely with Esther and run her PR events. I really enjoy managing and researching information for her events because each event is so unique and the topics they focus on are always different. I also get to work with some cool organisations and companies. By working alongside Esther, I have learned so much by watching her speak on panels/podcasts and just spending time with her. Esther inspires me every day and I see her as a role model. She has helped me push myself and believe that I can do so much more and I shouldn’t limit myself.

Second, attending events is also a favourite because it has built my confidence. Normally I find it daunting to go to an event without knowing anyone. However, now I find networking super-fun especially as I have met some really cool people, even some who are famous!  

You've attended some really cool events this year and met some incredible people. Do you have a highlight? 
All the events I attended in person last year were really cool from Voxburner’s YMS 2021, My Life My Say #CFF21, Newable - Breaking Barriers, 3 Monkey Zeno - Bravery event, and the Black Women in Tech book launch. I got to meet and speak to a lot of incredible people like Mete Coban MBE, Flavilla Fongang, Timothy Armoo, Nissy Tee, Sam McAlister, Josh Akapo, Swarzy Macaly, and many more who were very inspiring. 

My highlight would have to be meeting Timothy Armoo at Voxburner YMS 2021. That was the first solo networking event I attended which went on for 3 days. I learned a lot from the talk sessions and got to network with people who I would have never imagined meeting. From that event, I managed to connect with Timothy Armoo and ended up doing my first interview with him. So, that would definitely be my highlight!

What are you looking forward to over the next six months? 
We have a lot of very exciting things we are planning to do this year at hundo, one being the launch of our TikTok channel, also we will be speaking at some really cool external events, and we are currently planning to launch a BIG hundo event at the end of the year! I also have a few of my own projects I will be running which I am very excited to start…So, everyone should keep an eye out and watch hundo’s space!!!

What has been your biggest achievement over the past year! 
My biggest achievement would have to be my personal growth. When I look back to the person I was when I first started at hundo, I wouldn’t have ever thought I would have learned, achieved, and grown so much. My job at hundo has helped me to be confident and push myself beyond my comfort zone in ways I didn’t think it would.

It’s been a crazy year for me with lots of ‘can I do this? Am I good enough?’ alongside moments of doubting myself, not feeling confident, and wanting to hide away. But all these feelings were because I was scared to push myself and believe I am capable of achieving my goals and more. 

My first year at hundo has proven to me that when you have a few people around you who believe in you and trust you, then you can do anything because even if you aren’t sure of how to do it, they will be there to support you! Big shout-out to Esther and Mark for everything!

You can keep up to date with all of the hundo happenings over on Nadiyah's LinkedIn

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