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Personalised career planning with Career CoPilot

Are you an educator looking for innovative tools to empower your students? A young person trying to figure out what career path to take? Or an employer seeking diverse talent? If so, you need to take a closer look at Career CoPilot, a revolutionary new tool from hundo that guides you through your career journey.

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Taking a deep dive into opportunity:

With Career CoPilot, you can find more than 10,000 companies and 200,000 career paths to explore. Career CoPilot opens doors to exciting career fields you didn't realise existed, whether you live in a bustling city or a remote area. Access information regardless of your location by breaking down geographic boundaries.

Empowering educators and supporting students:

You can count on Career CoPilot 24/7 as your guide, supplementing your guidance with customised insights and resources. Students, you can count on tailored support every step of the way, ensuring that you get the right advice. Contextual AI ensures personalised recommendations while adhering to strict data protection measures.

Prioritising wellbeing:

Career CoPilot remembers your interactions, providing a conversational experience so you can look through your searches easily. With so many career options, the platform offers stress-relieving guidance and connects you with relevant resources, prioritising your mental health while enabling you to make informed choices.

Get started:

There is more to Career CoPilot than just a tool. Career CoPilot is a paradigm shift in career guidance. Students and educators around the world are already praising Career CoPilot's intuitive design and valuable insights. Experience the power of personalised insights, tailored support, and a commitment to your success. It is clear that the tool has the potential to empower young minds and create a brighter workforce around the world. 

Join us on this journey! Watch hundo’s Career CoPilot team interview to learn more.

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