RWC shows support for women in STEM

Find out how RWC show continued support for women in STEM

STEM careers are notoriously male-dominated, with research on the STEM gender gap, revealing that just 28% of those in STEM careers are women. The gap can be attributed to a variety of factors, including a systematic educational pivot away from encouraging women in STEM subjects, to a lack of accessible routes for women into the field. Over at RWC, the team have pledged to continue to close the STEM gender gap and support women’s flourishing STEM careers. Here are some of the ways that RWC have served to ensure the future sees women succeed in essential STEM roles.

In 2021, RWC teamed up with the Women in Engineering Society to facilitate an International Women in Engineering Day. The partnership was geared to inspire and educate the next-gen of women in STEM, and to help the industry better promote gender diversity. WES also geared up to help lobby government decisions to decrease the gender gap. RWC teamed up with WES as part of their DNI incentive and outlined that this partnership, and event, would sponsor female talent across the board.

Not only has RWC shown support for women in STEM through their partnership with WES, but they have also stated that they believe that competitive apprenticeships should be widely available to help continue boosting numbers of women working in more technical roles, and have continued to onboard women on to these early-career apprenticeships.

RWC also uses International Women’s Day as a way to show support for the women in their workforce. Hosting a range of panels, talks and even museum visits curated to inspire and uplift their women employees. At a time when women in STEM have never been more valuable, showing company appreciation is a key motive for RWC.

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