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The role Career CoPilot plays in empowering small businesses and youth

Young people face uncertainty about their futures, while smaller businesses struggle to find qualified workers as a result of the job market transformation. A bridge is emerging between young minds and exciting opportunities within dynamic small businesses with innovative solutions such as hundo's Career CoPilot.

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Preparing future talent:

Collaboration between education and industry is imperative in order to bridge the gap between the two sectors. Employers note that young people leaving education often lack clarity about their desired career paths, unaware of the many opportunities available.

By providing AI-powered insights into evolving skill requirements, tools like Career CoPilot empower young people to make informed career choices, ensuring they're prepared for the jobs of tomorrow.

Unlocking potential for small businesses:

The small business sector is often overlooked by young talent, according to Liz Barclay. Young talent often overlooks small businesses in favour of larger corporations. Young talent seeking purpose and growth outside traditional structures will find exciting prospects with these agile players.

Using tools like Career CoPilot, diverse companies are connected with young job seekers, ensuring that they are mutually beneficial. Through these tools, young talent seeking fulfilling careers outside of the corporate world are introduced to the diverse and meaningful opportunities available within small businesses.

How Career CoPilot works:

Businesses and young individuals can both benefit from this new career tool:

  • Young people seeking their ideal career path can explore new career opportunities by discovering emerging industries and skill trends.
  • With AI-powered recommendations and career path mapping, young people receive tailored guidance based on their unique aspirations and strengths.
  • Students are well-equipped and well-supported through this collaborative ecosystem, which prepares them for the future of work.


When we envision a future in which every young person thrives in the workplace, collaborative efforts like Career CoPilot are essential. As a result, these tools contribute to creating a more inclusive, resilient, and prosperous future by recognising the need for continuous innovation, adaptability, and lifelong learning.

Get involved:

Discover how Career CoPilot can help your company or your career. This innovative tool can empower you to achieve your goals, whether you're a young individual seeking a career path or a business searching for diverse talent. Become a part of shaping a brighter future for tomorrow's workforce!

Connect with Liz Barclay on LinkedIn.

Watch Esther and Liz Barclay’s interview to learn more.

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