TikTok is setting up a platform to recruit Gen Z talent!

Say goodbye to the paper CV - TikTok wants to replace it with video job applications

Searching for a job can be - not to be too dramatic - soul-destroying. Constantly scrolling LinkedIn or Indeed with the hope that you might be the 1 in 1,000 to get an interview, or coming up with a list of all your best work skills and qualities is a drain on the brain. However, a mission that both hundo and the social media giant TikTok share is that we are both trying to change the job search game.

TikTok, the app responsible for facilitating viral stardom and number one hits alike, is already doing massive user numbers, with Gen Z making up a big part of its core audience. It, therefore, makes sense that the video-first site has now revealed that it will be breaking into the recruitment industry. Tired of the old-fashioned concept of the paper CV that dully lists experience with absolutely no pizzazz whatsoever, they have decided that their platform will put video CVs and alternative media to the forefront, and is aptly titled TikTok Resumes. That’s right, no more crusty pieces of paper or long cover letters, just a short snappy and video CV that shows you, for you!

While the Gen Z focused website is separate from the actual TikTok app, the two are planned to be linked and the site will even have career advice from other creators and creatives. What’s more, this feature will also link videos from employers and companies that give an insight into what it’s like to work at the place. It’s a classic case of work try-before-you-buy. #CareerTok is an already thriving part of TikTok, and TikTok Resumes is set to be an extension of that, at least for users in the US in the current pilot phase.

As for partners, Shopify and Chipotle have already begun to use the TikTok platform to find future Gen Z employees. So ditch the Word doc and grab the ring light, the way that people hire is changing for good.

Words: Grace Goslin

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