What you need to know about RWC’s company culture 

Dive into the social side of RWC 

For RWC, company culture has become an increasingly important part of the way the business runs. Find out below exactly what RWC does to show continued support for their workforce.

Employee appreciation day 

What better way to celebrate your hardworking team than to throw them a whole day! RWC launched an employee appreciation day, rewarding each employee with a treat to demonstrate the ways in which they value their team.

International Women’s Day
Every March, international Women’s Day (and sometimes month) is a great way to celebrate the women within your workforce. RWC celebrated their women with several events dedicated to IWD. This included educational visits to the National Women’s History Museum, as well as a range of inspirational speakers, and even collaborative book reviews and discussions.

World mental health day
Mental health, and looking after it in the workplace is a big discussion in the working world. How can employees better support their employees during times of bad mental health? RWC did their bit for world mental health day, from organising discussions with Olympians about their mental health journey to offering presentations from both clinical and wellbeing specialists.

Pride celebrations!
Pride month is a big deal for members of the LGBTQI+ community, and feeling respected and supported by your company is essential in a work environment. RWC decided to celebrate Pride Month with a series of events targeted to uplift their queer workers!

Diversity and inclusion
Celebrating diversity and inclusion is a large part of RWC’s company culture. RWC introduced company Employee Resource Groups, or rather ERGs. These ERGs are voluntarily run by RWC employees and act as a means to allow RWC employees to network with their peers, and champion one another. Joining an ERG group allows you to connect and resonate with other team members, and chat about everything from shared work experiences to future goals.

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