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Esports Education Advisor at

James is the director of his company, Fraser Esports. The first company in the world to run the esports online BTEC, whilst his company also provides esports education and consultancy around the world. His mission is to provide esports education to home educated students, create global curriculum and introduce esports education and its benefits to everyone.

James is also the education advisor for Esports Insider (ESI) and has been working in esports education for many years and mainstream education for over 22 years at mid to senior level. His other roles have seen him as a National Trainer for Pearson, the creator of the first-ever BTEC in esports, and BDM and QM Samurai founder at Queen Mary's College, Basingstoke.

James has won multiple awards for his innovation and leadership in education, including the National Award for the BTEC esports qualification, the Ed Tech Innovator Award from the SCFA, and the NASEF Scholastic Fellow. He is also a global speaker, author, mentor, and ambassador for esports and education, collaborating with prestigious organisations such as Microsoft, Fnatic, NASEF, Gameplan, and Yoyotech. James's mission is to link students with the best work experience opportunities and employers, and to prepare them for the ever-changing workforce and provide support to those in education wanting to discover how esports can help all students.

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