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Advocate of neurodiversity, a maker of narrative NFTs, and a proponent of accessible entertainment, STEM, and industrial education immersive worlds, Kenn applies his skills in imagery, narrative, production, photography, and software development to his fully immersive Rebel Metaverse and the popular Ruby Room (nominated for Laval Virtual awards in 2022). Currently, he is developing AI-managed ASL communication in the spatial web. With a new frontier of limitless possibilities, cohesive talents and teamwork, we will shape the spatial web atop developing technologies and make it our own new world. CareerCon22 partner, hundo 100, SingularityNet Deepfunding top co-applicant, competitor in AWE XR 2023, participant in StartUp Wise Guys business pre-accelerator. Creator of the League of Extraordinary Talent ( rewriting rules of autistic income opportunity.

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