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Founder and CEO
Founder and CEO at Metacampus
Founder and CEO at

As the founder and CEO of Metacampus, an innovation services company that unlocks human potential in the virtual economy, Pere Pèrez Ninou boasts over 20 years of experience in the digital and immersive technology sector. He has led and contributed to multiple award-winning projects and initiatives that leverage emerging technologies, interactive production, and content generation to create engaging and impactful experiences for clients and audiences. Previously, he served as the Head of Innovation at Grup Mediapro, a global media and entertainment group, and was the founder and CEO of VISYON, a leading company in immersive and interactive solutions. Pere has also held senior positions at Rockabox, MOJITO, Psycle Interactive, Doubleclick, Tangozebra, twentysix London, and JKD. His core competencies include developing innovative market solutions, digital strategy, business development, team management, and creative vision. Passionate about exploring new ways of connecting, collaborating, and learning in the digital world, Pere strives to create positive social and environmental impact through innovation. He believes in the power of diversity and inclusion, valuing the opportunity to work with talented and diverse teams that share his vision and mission.

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