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10 creative things you can do in the metaverse

Imagine a virtual world where you can live, work, shop, and connect with others — all from the comfort of your couch in the physical world. Welcome to the metaverse.

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Despite still being in an experimental stage with only a few platforms available for general use, the unified virtual environment of the Metaverse promises limitless options for work, gameplay, social connections, and revenue generation. That’s right, the sci-fi movies we’ve seen are becoming a reality and, like most tech fans, you probably can’t wait to discover what the future’s got in store for us. Here are our top 10 creative things to do in the metaverse. 

Express yourself through avatars
If you ask someone, ‘what can you do in the metaverse?’ one of the first answers you will receive is ‘be whoever you like.’ You might think of avatars in the realms of sci-fi, but in the metaverse avatars are customisable characters that can represent you across multiple metaverse platforms. You can change your hair colour, body type, accessories, gender, or even appear as a fictional character in the Metaverse. How cool is that? There’s also a case for avatars minimising initial hiring bias. 

The metaverse brings individuals with shared interests together while avoiding the impersonal webcam view used by Teams and Zoom where actual participation is limited. 

Whether you're learning a language, developing your communication skills, or mastering a new skill, the metaverse has the ability to totally transform how you learn, practice, and perform. 

Not only that, but there are also opportunities to be educated on the metaverse. That’s why hundo has created Campus, our own platform for young people to learn about, and skill up in web3 areas. 

Purchase real estate 
Real estate sales are among the top use cases for the Metaverse, with individuals and companies keen to become early movers in this field.

Metaverse platforms are divided into land blocks called parcels, which may be acquired using the environment’s specific cryptocurrency token. Once you purchase real estate, you can sell it at a higher valuation, or lease it to a property developer or VR event organizer for profit.

Consume and create art
Visiting art galleries is a great thing to do in the metaverse, and provides an opportunity to look at and create art. 

Art in the metaverse aims to bridge the gap of inaccessibility to some art forms.

The digital sub-sector of art is attracting serious attention as both digital artists and NFTs are already amassing sizable interest. So it's only natural to assume that this will continue in the metaverse.

Play Games 
Online multiplayer games that allow for virtual interaction have been around for years, but the  most popular taking the metaverse by storm are Roblox and Fortnite.

VR gaming is one of the key use cases of the metaverse and probably the purpose for which it was initially envisioned. The Sandbox, for instance, is a collection of games that have progressively matured into a prominent metaverse platform.

You will no longer play games for amusement but also engage in ‘play-to-earn’ activities.

Shop, trade, and sell
The Metaverse allows people to engage with things in a way that is unattainable via e-commerce or online storefronts. For instance, your avatar may visit a virtual shop, wander around the aisles, try on things such as clothes or shoes, and make payments directly in bitcoin. You may choose to buy virtual things for your avatars or begin a real-world transaction and have the product delivered later.

Work collaboratively
Working from home has become increasingly popular these days and for some, it's a blessing and for others, it's just the opposite. One of the ideas of the metaverse is to bridge that gap and make it everyone's dream.

The Metaverse is a no-zoom zone because it's rather unnecessary. In the metaverse, you don't have to pretend to stare at your colleagues on a screen as the virtual world allows you all to participate in the digital office.

From there, you can meet with colleagues, chat, work on projects, and easily set up meetings too. It will be one of the most inclusive and accessible workplaces ever.

Meet with friends
There are currently several ideas as to what the primary goal and function of the metaverse should be. But the most popular and prevailing idea is social interaction, making hanging out with family and friends one of the most important activities.

From lounging on a sofa with loved ones to sitting in a digital cafe chatting with your friends, the virtual connection has never felt so real. You can also attend live music shows and watch performances no matter where you are in real life.

Visit other realms
Holidays can be taken in the real world, so why not in the virtual one? This is perhaps one of the most exciting things to do in the metaverse. Big tech companies like Facebook, Microsoft, and others are ready to work together to create a world where transportation is possible. The concept of the metaverse is that you can easily switch areas, what we would think of as locations, without worrying about capacity issues or latency.

Attend concerts, trade exhibits, and learning events
Do you love to attend shows and concerts? VR real estate in the metaverse may be utilised to hold all types of events, from music concerts and social gatherings to business events and learning sessions. 

Metaverse events have the ability to reach a significantly bigger audience while ensuring that the interactions remain genuine and intimate. Most platforms release a monthly schedule of their activities ahead of time.

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