3 things going on in web3 you need to know about 

A round-up of some of the wildest things happening in web3, right now

Web3 is a place filled with unlimited opportunities and experiences, and there are sides to the metaverse and web3 space that makes way for the unexpected. Here’s our quick round-up of web3’s recent happenings, and things to keep an eye on.

There’s an NFT project inspired by ravers 
If you’re sick of the club, but still want that Friday feeling, look no further. An NFT collection inspired by ravers has been launched. The project, titled Rave The Future, is created by EDMNOMAD and is made with music lovers and passionate party people in mind. Each raver has a set of unique accessories, and there are over 10,000 NFTs in the collection! Check out the collection here.

Metaverse landlords are a thing
If you thought you’d been priced out of buying an actual home, imagine being unable to buy land in the metaverse. Astonishingly, Republic Realm just bought a piece of The Sandbox metaverse for a record-breaking 4.3 million dollars. Whilst it’s hard to see why someone would spend so much money on buying something virtual, metaverse real estate is a very real part of this expansion and development of web3. 

People are tying the knot 
You might think that getting married is something that only happens in the real world, but one couple took to the metaverse to show their commitment to one another. A couple recently hosted a Harry Potter-themed wedding in the metaverse. They were inspired to get married this way because of COVID restrictions which meant that they couldn’t have all of the family they wanted attending in person. They even made an avatar replica of the bride's father who had passed away. Are web3 weddings here to stay? Only time will tell.

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