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4 Gen Zers taking web3 by storm

Meet the young people paving the way for a web3 future

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We are constantly amazed by the incredible young people out there. Whether it’s Gen Z taking the creative industries by storm or becoming aficionados in the tech world - the abundance of talent is undeniable! That’s why we wanted to profile our four fave Gen Zers taking the web3 world by storm. Stay tuned, these legends are up to some incredible things…

has been creating art from the age of 13, and by 17 had sold NFT drops worth a total of 17 million dollars! A true digital native, the now 18-year-old never fails to impress. His easily characterised brightly coloured digital art, support for LGBTIQ+ artists, and personable Instagram really set him apart!  He’s even had a collection in collaboration with Sotheby’s. Deffo follow him on socials to keep up with his wild journey through the digital and virtual art worlds. 

NFT kids
Founded by 13-year-old NFT artist and photographer Gemeidon after making an NFT short film for children, NFT kids is a publication run by and for kids! It’s one of the first-ever decentralised publications and features exclusive content from generation alpha’s digital artists from as young as 6 years old! They even have their own kids calendar merch to sell! This is a really interesting and creative use of the metaverse, and web3 and shows us truly that generations, even younger than Gen Z have got their finger on the pulse of web3. 

Miss Teen Crypto 
Miss Teen Crypto has been encouraging young people to invest in crypto and NFT’s after spending her own pocket money investing in Bitcoin. Now a crypto influencer, the 19-year-old is taking the rest of Gen Z under her wing, and educating them about how to navigate the NFt and crypto world. That’s not where her accolades end, she  is also an event speaker, panelist and host of her own Miss Teen Crypto Show

Benyamin Ahmed  
Last year when his peers were enjoying the school holidays, Benyamin Ahmed was busy selling his NFT collection of pixelated whales! The animal themed NFT collection called Weird Whales were so popular that they landed this 12-year-old £290,000 in crypto currencies! The young NFT artist has also gone on to make Youtube vids about his NFT hobby, and continues to mint NFT’s. Pretty cool if you ask us! 

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