A new study reveals that Gen Z feel more themselves in the metaverse

4 key takeaways from Razorfish and Vice Media’s study on Gen Z's attitudes towards the metaverse and gaming

We know that Gen Z are using the metaverse, but what we haven’t previously thought about is how they feel within it. A new study by Razorfish and Vice Media titled ‘Metaverse: a View From Inside’  investigated Gen Z’s role in this space and the impact the metaverse has on their identities. Here are some key takeaways from the report. 

They spend more time hanging out in metaverse spaces 
For Gen Z, the metaverse is a space where they grow and learn about themselves, cultivating new friendships and social connections. In the survey, it was revealed that Gen Z gamers spend twice as much time hanging out in the metaverse than they do in real life. They spend an average of 12.2 hours playing games in the metaverse, compared with 6.6 hours of in-person contact. 

They see a future in the metaverse
At hundo, we are constantly making sure that Gen Z are championed in the web3 space, and that we are providing a platform that aims to educate and consolidate web3 career growth. Whilst metaverse sceptics like to put an unfounded time limit on all things metaverse and web3 related, Gen Z really see a permanent future in the metaverse, with 52% saying that they would like to make money from the metaverse and 33% saying that they see themselves building future careers in these spaces.

The metaverse and gaming is part of their identity 
45% of Gen Z gamers said that they felt more like themselves when they were playing in the metaverse than in real life. In addition, 40% attributed gaming and metaverse tech to having a positive impact on their self-confidence. 

For many Gen Zers, gaming relieves stress
For Gen Z, having an interest in the metaverse and gaming isn't just about building confidence, or a glimpse at a new possible career. They're also in it for the stress relief, with 77% agreeing that gaming is their biggest form of relaxation. 

You can check out the entire study here.  

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