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Leeds brings together young minds for the future of work

Imagine a city where tech giants and innovative startups collaborate and young minds find their dream jobs. This is Leeds, a transformational hub at the forefront of the digital revolution.

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Bridging the gap:

Leeds City Council plays a crucial role in this dynamic environment. Louise Wood, Senior Manager of Employment and Skills, ensures young people are equipped with the skills they need to succeed in the digital industry, regardless of their chosen career path.

A digital powerhouse:

There are no longer limited opportunities in Leeds. In recent years, the city has evolved into an ecosystem attracting talent and driving innovation among tech companies and startups. Those looking to switch careers or digital natives are both able to benefit from the city's emerging status as a "digital powerhouse".

Taking it further:

As part of its commitment to ensuring that its youth have access to fulfilling career possibilities, Leeds City Council champions alternative pathways to success. By working with educational institutions, they promote apprenticeships and other non-traditional career paths.

Personalised guidance:

The future of work is here, and technology is playing a leading role. hundo's Career CoPilot enables young minds to find a path to success that is tailored to them. In collaboration with educators and advisors, this innovative AI tool helps them navigate the complicated job market, find their ideal career paths, and craft their own unique path to success.

Embracing diversity:

Diversity is becoming more widely recognised as a valuable asset for businesses. More open to innovative talent acquisition methods, employers recognise the unique value diversity brings, which benefits both employers and candidates.

Joining forces:

As Piers Collins, co-founder of hundo, emphasises, Leeds and hundo are united in their mission to empower young minds for the future of work. Through collaboration, innovation, and inclusivity, they're creating a hub where young people can thrive and contribute to a brighter future.

Are you ready to be part of this exciting transformation?

Connect with Louise Wood on LinkedIn.

Watch Louise and Piers interview to learn more.

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