New animated TV show lets NFT holders decide the narrative 

Find out more about the Mila Kunis supported NFT inspired TV show

Are NFTs breaking into the TV world? It would appear so! Made in partnership with Mila Kunis' production company, 'The Gimmicks' is an animated TV show which will see NFTs be put at the heart of the storytelling.

Web3 animation studio Toonstar and Mila Kunis’ digital wing of her production company Sixth Wall are behind the NFT TV collaboration. The storyline will follow retired wrestling stars who are gunning for their chance to be returned to the top spot. The show-specific NFTs went on sale on 18 March, via the show's website and are generated via the solana blockchain.

But how exactly will it work? Essentially, this new form of NFTV (see what we did there?) will allow character NFT holders to choose their own adventure at the end of each episode, and even have a say in future character development as well as plot lines. This interactive era of TV is an interesting move for those in the web3 space, and takes audience participation to a brand new virtual level. Keep your eyes peeled on the website for 'The Gimmicks' for more info about the launch of the animation. You can even invest in your own Gimmicks NFT for a chance to play a part in the narrative.

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