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4 key takeaways from Imagen Insights' 2022 Gen Z report

Discover a reframing of the Gen Z narrative with Imagen Insights' 2022 trend predictions

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Despite everything going on in the world, 2021 was a triumphant year for young people. Gen Z took the driving seat when it came to content creation, leading fashion trends and they were even the biggest consumers. With 2022, comes a new year, with new predictions. Gen Z insight specialists Imagen Insights hit us with their fresh 2022 trend prediction report, and here at hundo, we’ve handpicked some of the biggest predictions for the year ahead. So buckle-up, Gen Z are leading the way in 2022 and beyond.

Gen Z are optimistic about 2022 
Imagen reported that 68% of Gen Z are feeling optimistic about the year ahead! And rightly so, new years always bring in new opportunities and are only aided by optimism. 

And need more media representation
Whilst 68% of Gen Z are excited about the year ahead, the same figure is attributed to those who do not feel that current media represents them. Media representation is a big deal for Gen Z, so if you’re a media outlet, you should be pushing diversity, inclusion and representation to the forefront of your to-do list or risk losing a valuable Gen Z audience. Alongside a desire for increased media representation, this generation are also learning the importance of stepping away from their phones and taking a break from online media consumption. 

They want multiple careers! 
Sticking to one dusty career for their whole life is not what Gen Z dreams of. In fact, Gen Z want to reshape the way they work to facilitate career hopping. 64% expressed the need to try out different careers, and we couldn’t agree more! Both hard and soft skills are transferable to multiple professions, so why not try more than one out for size? 

Their priorities are changing
Gen Z are more likely to ditch the material purchases of 2021, and spend their time and money on building experiences and memories. Changing priorities and the continued impact of the pandemic means they will make life choices optimistically but cautiously. Security in areas such as relationships, employment and finance are all things that will become an increasing focal point for this increasingly influential generation.

Find out more about Imagen's 2022 trend prediction report.

Words: Grace Goslin

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