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South Africa's youth: Bridging the divide with technology, mentorship, and hope

The future of South Africa is one where young graduates are equipped with knowledge, skills, and a sense of purpose as they navigate the modern workplace. Several key drivers have made this vision a reality: the transformative power of technology, the spark of mentorship, and the strength of collaboration.



Breaking down location barriers:

There is no longer a physical barrier to quality education or promising careers. Technology serves as a crucial bridge, bridging geographical boundaries. With online platforms and resources, young South Africans, regardless of their remote location, can acquire essential skills and contribute meaningfully to their society.


The key to success lies not only in knowledge, but also in mentorship. Dr. Danesh advocates "consciousness-based education," an approach that combines academic learning with personal development. Young people need resilience and purpose to succeed in the ever-evolving workplace, she believes, and this holistic approach fosters these qualities.

Ecosystem collaboration:

It is imperative for educators to collaborate within the education ecosystem, according to Esther O'Callaghan OBE, founder of hundo. A dynamic landscape of skills required for success requires tools like hundo's Career CoPilot to help teachers, students, and parents navigate it. Together, these organisations can ensure young people graduate with the right tools.

Real examples: 

Through initiatives like Maharishi Invincibility Institute, it is evident that quality education and mentorship have a significant impact on people. The graduates boast nearly perfect employment rates, showing that holistic education can transform marginalised communities. They have maintained a 94% employment rate in recent years, and last December, 98% of graduates were guaranteed employment.

Optimism for the future:

It is envisioned that Johannesburg will become a vibrant hub of talent and education, providing exciting prospects to young people. Together, we can ensure that every young South African has the opportunity to thrive in a brighter future. We can achieve this vision by retaining local talent and creating opportunities aligned with youth aspirations.

Join us:

For South Africa's youth, the partnership between Africa College Foundation and hundo provides a beacon of hope. With the help of technology, mentorship, and collaborative efforts, we are enabling every young person to succeed. A brighter future for South Africa's next generation is not merely a vision, but a collective effort. 

Are you ready to become a part of this movement? 

Connect with Dr Tahiri on LinkedIn.

Watch Esther and Dr Tahiri’s interview to learn more.

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