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5 reasons why Gen Zers should get involved in web3

There's no better time like the present to take the plunge into the metaverse



Tired of working menial jobs or looking for investment opportunities that are anything but future-proof? Well, web3 is quickly proving to be Gen Z's answer to creating generational wealth, accumulating assets and building meaningful careers. 

According to Investopedia, 23% of Gen Zers already own crypto, with the large majority believing that it will deliver the greatest investment returns over the next decade. Still not sold? Here are 5 reasons Gen Zers like you should get involved in the metaverse now rather than later.  

Web3-related careers
It's safe to say that companies ranging from luxury goods to the music industry are looking to jump on the metaverse and web3 bandwagon. Companies like Spotify, Meta, Nike, Gucci and Disney are just some of the companies that are hiring web3 specialists. 

For example, fashion house Balenciaga now has a metaverse department, while Gucci was actively looking for a web3 specialist that can help drive sales of digital collectibles like NFTs. The NFL also posted a job advert for a senior manager that can identify branding and marketing opportunities in the metaverse. Streaming giant Spotify also posted an ad for a senior backend engineer with a web3 focus. 

In addition to tech jobs, there are tons of opportunities for web3-thinking Gen Zers looking to get involved in shaping big companies' metaverse strategy. Moreover, it's clear that companies and recruiters will be looking for individuals ready to upskill and learn more about the metaverse. 

NFTs and crypto as investments
According to a recent Capitalize survey, 56% of Gen Z adults include cryptocurrency or NFTs as part of their retirement strategy. For Gen Z, a generation that is more critical of traditional systems, the decentralised nature of web3 is very attractive. 

Therefore, it comes as no surprise that, according to brokerage firm Charles Schwab, two-thirds of new investors are Millennials and Gen Zers, who now have unprecedented market power. This is because the exciting new sphere of web3 is less gatekeep-y than the traditional stock market, making it easier for Gen Zers to collaborate and thrive. #WAGMI

Business and entrepreneurial opportunities
Undoubtedly, Gen Zers is paving the way for entrepreneurial opportunities in web3. In particular, the NFT sector is brimming with talented Gen Z artists, developers, and entrepreneurs who have set themselves up for success.

FEWOCiOUS is just one example. After creating his first art works at 13, he got involved in digital and at 17, grossed over $17 million in just under a year via NFT drops.

Benyamin Ahmed is another example of how Gen Zers are absolutely smashing it in the NFT game! Benyamin made headlines after his Weird Whales NFT collection sold for £290,000 during school holidays. He followed his success by working with artists from Disney and Marvel on a second collection, Non-Fungible Heroes. Clearly, Gen Zers are showing everyone how it's done!

Access to community 
There's nothing quite like the web3 community. Search for the hashtags #NFTs and #Crypto on Twitter, and you'll immediately find thousands of other digital natives connecting over their love for web3. 

Community is essential for any metaverse project. With DAOs being an important building block of web3, it's safe to say that web3 communities are far from passive. Rather, communities decide on the direction of a project, improve the project's code, and enable you to connect with like-minded individuals when you just want to say good morning.  Thanks to web3-popular tools like Discord and Twitter, as well as metaverses like Decentraland and The Sandbox, Gen Zers are tuning out the noise and connecting with other like-minded people who get them. 

Living life to the fullest
As the first truly digital native generation, Gen Zers are using the metaverse to live their lives more fully. Therefore, as the metaverse expands, so will the opportunities for Gen Zers to experiment with their identity and find themselves through web3. Whether it's a virtual concert, transforming into a different being, or using a VR headset to chat with a friend who lives on the other side of the globe, the possibilities are indeed endless!

Words: Janelle Borg

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