What is a digital human?

A peak inside digital twin technology

Helping you get your head around the key metaverse and web3 lingo is always a priority for us here at hundo. This time, we are delving into the world of digital humans.  

Digital humans are created using digital twin technology, in order to replicate human functions in the metaverse or web3. Whilst a digital human isn’t exactly a clone, it can sometimes be useful to think of it as such. In the case of the metaverse, digital twins are virtual representations that serve real-time counterparts.

One of the main ways that digital human/digital twin technologies have been explored in web3 is by using these replications to act as souped-up chatbots, which give a person access to someone's digital version of themselves any time and anywhere. 

As you can imagine, the possibilities of digital humans to aid career mobility are limitless and give a sense of the possibilities being in two places at one time. Digital Twin technology isn’t just metaverse or web3 specific, it can be used in other industries. For example, manufacturing companies use the technology to make supply chains more efficient. 

Ethically, there are some issues to consider. How do you know if someone’s digital human is in fact theirs and not someone else wrongly replicating another person? 

The future of digital humans and their place in web3 is an interesting consideration and something that we are excited to see explored further within this ever-evolving digital space.

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