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Meet the metaversers: Christopher Lafayette

Get to know the GatherVerse pioneer

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Christopher Lafayette is an innovator and technologist whose work champions best practice within the metaverse space. With his recent endeavour, GatherVerse, he aims to make space for communities within the metaverse. Find out more about his work, the big plan for GatherVerse and why innovation should never be restricted.

Tell us about what you do.
I’m a technologist producing events that bring global communities into the metaverse web3 world safely and humanely. 

Your work focuses on medtech and edtech. Can you tell us a little bit about this work?
Medtech or wellness has been a field I’ve been studying for some years now. I’ve often marvelled at the relationships between health wellness and technology itself. They really aren’t as far apart as many would think. In fact, the medical ecosystem and technology ecosystems are one and the same. It really depends on how you’ve come to know and understand the nature of technology and the essence of medical nativity, which is the human body itself. I’ve dedicated a large part of what I study and work on toward the advanced exploration of the medical eco-environment. 

What has been your previous career experience?
Brand Development and Filmmaking. Intimately understanding the world of design and its relevant presence. 

Can you talk us through any exciting projects you're currently working on? 
GatherVerse – it's an event platform but it's also so much more. Part of this system is the Humanitarian Project, bridging thousands of communities and millions of people into the metaverse. We do this by hosting specific events that showcase and express so much of whom we’ve made the metaverse for. 

What is your favourite part of your job?  
Removing barriers to innovation.  

How do you see your role evolving as the metaverse and web3 grows? 
A push for humanity-first standards – this is what I'm after when it comes to the metaverse and web3. I have a keen focus on accessibility, education, equality, community development, safety, privacy and wellness. I'm bringing thousands of communities and millions of people safely to the metaverse. My biggest contribution to web3 is bringing it into humanity-first standards, and working on how we can leverage this technology for good. I also work on survivable and sustainable best practices for both public and private sectors of business and for social ecosystems globally. One of the reasons I've chosen to go in this direction in line with everything else that I do in technology is because someone has to get it right, someone has to lead the metaverse into a more humane experience for greater access. I'm doing this through my platform called GatherVerse, where we gather speakers from around the world to talk and discuss various subjects through the lens of the seven standards of the metaverse. We’re launching events that have specific focuses on industries and emerging technologies that interact with the metaverse. I understand I’ve signed up to take the harder road. In business, it’s the road I’m most familiar with.

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