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Jennifer Barnett

Head of People & Culture
Head of People & Culture, hundo
Head of People & Culture,

Jenny spent a decade in luxury hospitality, honing her people skills first and foremost before working in restaurant brand management and compliance across London and EMEA. A pre-covid redundancy prompted a re-evaluation of wanting to be employed in a meaningful role and Jenny ended up being hundo's first employee in Dec 2020. Since then Jenny has worked in content creation, project management, customer success, operations, and account management before settling into her current role and getting back to her love of supporting people both inside and outside of hundo.

Nadiyah Rajabally

Head of Marketing
Head of Marketing, hundo
Head of Marketing,

Nadiyah is the Head of Marketing at hundo and was the first Gen Z hire at hundo! Her background is primarily in Digital Marketing. She ensures that hundo always keeps young people in mind when making plans. Instead of attending university, she started working right after finishing her A-levels, which provided her with a fresh perspective. Aside from helping young people, Nadiyah is also a mental health advocate. Her current project is to organise and produce hundo's monthly CareerCon series, where experts from different industries share their knowledge. Stay connected with Nadiyah and hundo to prepare for the future of work!

Gayle Harrison

CEO and Founder
CEO and Founder, UNTAGGED
CEO and Founder,

My focus is on creating innovative and inspiring business and marketing solutions at enterprise and consumer level that deliver excellent results.

During my career, I have held marketing, strategy and innovation roles with global businesses, SMEs and start-ups, giving me a valuable perspective on what it takes to make businesses of any size succeed. I believe large businesses can learn from start-ups’ fast approach to innovation and how they leverage technology, whilst start-ups can benefit from more rigorous analysis and performance measurement to optimize their tight resources.

I have had a rewarding 20-year career in marketing, strategy and consultancy roles for global consumer goods companies, leading teams, inspiring organisations behind change, and developing and implementing marketing plans that resulted in step-changes in performance. In 2019 I started my own technology business. Having immersed myself in the Web3 world, UNTAGGED leverages this and other emerging technologies such as AR and VR in a platform that incentivizes consumers to make sustainable fashion choices. I've successfully raised pre-seed investment, built the digital platform, and completed a successful beta trial.

Manuel Lobo

Backend Developer
Backend Developer, hundo
Backend Developer,

Manuel Lobo brings several years of experience in Software and DevOps Engineering, specialising in the design and implementation of scalable APIs and AWS cloud infrastructure management. His work at Hundo includes the development and deployment of advanced cloud solutions, enhancing overall service delivery and operational performance.

Luke Howell


Founder & Director
Founder & Director,
Founder & Director, Hope Solutions

Luke is the Founder & Director at Hope Solutions. Delivery-focused, practical environmental sustainability specialist with a lifetime of unique experience in event production, sustainability and the renewable energy sectors. I have specific experience with the production, logistics, development, delivery and auditing of multi-award winning projects, festivals and events and helping them implement various schemes to achieve the highest standards of environmentally sound practice.

Natalie Howley

Co-Founder & Wellbeing Coach
Co-Founder & Wellbeing Coach,
Co-Founder & Wellbeing Coach, TL;DR

Natalie Howley is a distinguished Wellbeing & EQ Coach and Frontend React Developer based in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. She graduated from the University of Exeter and has carved a niche in enhancing emotional intelligence within tech companies. Natalie specializes in helping these companies build and retain top teams by fostering improved communication and well-being. Her methods have been successfully implemented in collaborations with industry leaders such as Amazon, WeWork, and The Social Hub.

Natalie's offerings include the unique "Lunch & Learn Workshops," where teams engage in interactive learning sessions over lunch, drawing on insights from leading personal growth books to simplify complex ideas. Additionally, her comprehensive 8-week "EQ Mastery Programme" involves hands-on workshops designed to strengthen team connections and foster a culture of trust and collaboration. This programme emphasizes the practical application of the five components of emotional intelligence in daily work scenarios.

Her impactful work aims to enhance team productivity, improve relationships, and drive sustainable growth. Results from Natalie's programs often lead to increased team loyalty, enhanced client satisfaction, and overall happier, more fulfilled teams.

Sarah Acer

CEO, Align Social Impact

Sarah Acer is a proven social impact leader on a mission to drive community and social outcomes through storytelling, advocacy campaigns, systems improvement and grassroots partnerships. With over two decades of expertise in cause campaigns, philanthropy, corporate policy and communications, Sarah serves as CEO at Align Social Impact, where she works with some of the world’s most influential individuals, causes, campaigns and companies to develop innovative programs and initiatives that drive impact in ways that can be felt and measured.

Prior to Align, Sarah designed, launched and led the social impact division and consulting practice at the Lede Company, one of the world’s most influential talent, brand and entertainment public relations firms. During her time at Lede, she built a global team and client roster that included individuals like Will Smith and Kevin Hart, brands like WhatsApp and Essence Ventures, nonprofits like Planned Parenthood and the Global Fund, philanthropies like the Starlight Children’s Foundation and many others.

Before joining Lede, Sarah served on the leadership team at Global Citizen—the world’s largest advocacy organization focused on achieving the 17 sustainable development goals—where she oversaw global philanthropy, corporate policy, partnerships, innovation and campaign design. During her tenure, she played a critical role in bringing the organization’s most historic, record-breaking campaigns, including One World Together At Home, Global Citizen Live and Just Vote.

Throughout her career as a nonprofit executive, consultant and corporate leader, Sarah has advised and worked alongside hundreds of industry-leading organizations and individuals on social impact strategy and cause campaigns ranging from Lady Gaga, Duane “The Rock” Johnson, Vanessa Hudgens, Live Nation, Coldplay, Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Anonymous Content, Ariana DeBose, Kerry Washington, Karlie Kloss, Fossil, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Delta Airlines, P&G, Coca Cola, SAP, TIME, Forbes and Google among others.

Sarah serves on the WHO Foundation US board of directors and holds a BS in sports medicine and health science, an MEd in organizational change, impact and systems improvement, and is completing a Ph.D. focused on responsible leadership, climate policy and social impact. She thrives most when she is convening and connecting diverse stakeholders to creatively build purpose- and insight-driven initiatives and organizations that advance causes, promote social progress, and solve systemic, human-centered problems. She is a lover of live music, a fan of collecting passport stamps and is based outside of Amsterdam with her husband and family.

Rinat Homossany Perry

Co-founder, Nak3D

After acquiring extensive knowledge in the fashion industry from running my own private label to working for large-scale global retail brands as a personal stylist and fashion consultant. I always knew the fashion industry needed to adopt technology to evolve. StyleClue was built to bridge between the worlds, and break bad shopping habits for a healthier fashion industry in Web 3.0 and social gaming.

Faiza Khan


Director of Corporate Affairs
Director of Corporate Affairs,
Director of Corporate Affairs, City & Guilds Foundation

Faiza is currently the Director of Corporate Affairs & Foundation at City & Guilds, where she leads a core team focused on public affairs, communications, and policy to maximize social purpose and business impact. She brings a wealth of experience from previous roles, including Director of Engagement & Insight at The National Lottery Community Fund and Director of Policy and Communications at the Paul Hamlyn Foundation. Her extensive background is enriched by her work with numerous organizations aimed at overcoming societal and systemic barriers, firmly believing in widening opportunities for everyone.

Avril Greenaway

Co-founder, Cleaner Seas Group

A competitive sea rower Avril understands our responsibility to protect our oceans and waterways and sees the negative environmental impact plastic pollution is having. A designer Avril was commissioned to work with the Cleaner Seas Project in 2013 and alongside our CEO Dave Miller has created engaging campaigns to create awareness of plastic pollution. Avril’s involvement in organising the Bude Wave Conference in 2016 for the Project has taken her on a journey to tackle plastic pollution and more specifically microplastic pollution. Working at grassroots level as well as campaigning, raising awareness, public speaking and lobbying for positive change.

Daniel Potes

Physical Creative Technologist
Physical Creative Technologist, Future Colossal
Physical Creative Technologist,

I'm Daniel Potes, a NYC-based Creative Technologist! My career background is in event-based product design, photography, interactive arts and design, applied creative technology, and comprehensive applied AI workflow integration! For the last 9 years, I've been working from Virginia to New York, building my client base and enhancing my creative palette. In the last few years, I've been deep-diving the world of Industrial Robotics, and integrated ML & IOT micro-controller networks as well as working on Integrating AI workflows in a variety of formats. With a wide skill set that includes everything from standard DSLR photography and video work, to 3d scanning and printing, to application creation and integration, and research and development in applied ML for industrial robotics, I pride myself in being a jack-of-all-trades, capable of dropping into any role and excelling. For the last two years, I’ve been working as a Physical Technologist and AI Integration Specialist for Future Colossal, an Innovation Agency in NYC, dealing mostly in tech solutions for immersive and interactive experiences. From designing custom wirelessly charging RFID solutions to building out $100000+ OEM hardware for major clients and finally transitioning the teams towards a more future forwards AI workflow. From LED artworks to Mixed Reality hardware solutions, to real-time AI environment design, I’ve spent this time honing my skills in Embedded Hardware and AI by taking projects through Pitch, Ideation, Research, Development, and finally, Delivery. Most recently I’ve fully dived into the Amusement Industry and am so excited for the future of AI Integrated Amusement Design!

James Fraser-Murison

Esports Education Advisor
Esports Education Advisor,
Esports Education Advisor,

James is the director of his company, Fraser Esports. The first company in the world to run the esports online BTEC, whilst his company also provides esports education and consultancy around the world. His mission is to provide esports education to home educated students, create global curriculum and introduce esports education and its benefits to everyone.

James is also the education advisor for Esports Insider (ESI) and has been working in esports education for many years and mainstream education for over 22 years at mid to senior level. His other roles have seen him as a National Trainer for Pearson, the creator of the first-ever BTEC in esports, and BDM and QM Samurai founder at Queen Mary's College, Basingstoke.

James has won multiple awards for his innovation and leadership in education, including the National Award for the BTEC esports qualification, the Ed Tech Innovator Award from the SCFA, and the NASEF Scholastic Fellow. He is also a global speaker, author, mentor, and ambassador for esports and education, collaborating with prestigious organisations such as Microsoft, Fnatic, NASEF, Gameplan, and Yoyotech. James's mission is to link students with the best work experience opportunities and employers, and to prepare them for the ever-changing workforce and provide support to those in education wanting to discover how esports can help all students.

Olska Green

Founder, Ecoolska

I am a fashion designer and founder of the sustainable phygital fashion brand Ecoolska (www.ecoolska.com). We develop 3 main directions of our brand: eco-fashion, digital fashion and upcycling. I see my mission in not just creating beauty, but raising public awareness of global problems and solving them together. Fashion now is about meanings, about the individuality of each person, about a common cause - to save our planet. My dream is to change the whole fashion industry from linear economy to circular economy, from fast fashion to sustainable fashion.

I have 12 years of experience in the fashion industry: I previously built my first brand from zero into a successful profitable brand with an extensive loyal customer base. My strength is inspiring the team to reach high results, while revealing the talents of each employee. I can see future trends and innovations and implement them quickly. I can create a high-quality stylish product that doesn't harm our planet.

Xander Simms

CEO and Founder
CEO and Founder,
CEO and Founder, Digital Storytellers

I'm the founder of Digital Storytellers Inc. a web3 design studio specializing in helping brands amplify their voice in the metaverse by applying technologies like 3D, AI, and the blockchain. I"m also an an emerging artist, designer, and technologist and for the last decade I've helped brands achieve their goals by producing content and creative and executing strategic marketing and social media campaigns. After working with brands like NASA in the space technology sector, I made a pivot to web3 in 2021 and since have created NFTs, digital fashion, metaverse activations, and campaigns for fortune 500 brands, top web3 start ups, social media influencers, professional athletes, and entertainers.

Tom Martin

Commercial Operations Manager
Commercial Operations Manager, hundo
Commercial Operations Manager,

Tom Martin: Finance-savvy Commercial Operations Manager, driving profitability through strategic financial management.

When not diving into financial figures, you'll find me pumping iron at the gym or immersed in the virtual realm of gaming.

Dan Fitzpatrick

The AI Educator
The AI Educator,
The AI Educator, The AI Educator Site

I'm Daniel Potes, a NYC-based Creative Technologist specializing in event-based product design, photography, interactive arts, applied creative technology, and AI integration. Over 9 years, I've enhanced my skills from Virginia to New York, delving into Industrial Robotics, ML & IoT networks, and AI workflows. With expertise in photography, 3D scanning, application creation, and applied ML for robotics, I excel in various roles. As a Physical Technologist and AI Integration Specialist at Future Colossal in NYC, I've built $100,000+ OEM hardware for major clients while transitioning teams towards a future-forward AI workflow. From LED artworks to Mixed Reality hardware solutions and real-time AI environment design, I've honed my skills in Embedded Hardware and AI, overseeing projects from pitch to delivery. Currently, I'm excited about the future of AI Integrated Amusement Design.

Abdulbasit S. Mikail

Youth Advisory Council Member
Youth Advisory Council Member,
Youth Advisory Council Member, Comic Relief US

Abdulbasit is a young, passionate social entrepreneur and change-maker who is passionate about health, education, and global goals and committed to helping the world build back stronger from the COVID-19 pandemic. He is a certified educator and skilled in project management, monitoring and evaluation, data management, business management, development, digital literacy, policymakers, and community engagement, and using storytelling advocacy to influence policy change.

Abdulbasit is the CFO of BYY Innovations, a company that equips young people with emerging digital skills and mentorships that will help them stand out and make a difference in their communities; he has also served on the board of directors and as a consultant for another startup; and he has extensive experience in research and development, working and volunteering with various organizations focused on improving and ensuring sustainable and inclusive education, livelihood, healthy communities, and governance.

Tonisha Govender

IT Software Engineering Student
IT Software Engineering Student,
IT Software Engineering Student,

Tonisha is a final year IT software engineering varsity student at Eduvos as well as an intern at eBlocks Software and based in South Africa. Participant at Comicon Africa 2023 RGB Gaming, Eduvos esports tournament. Passionate about coding, gaming (PC and mobile), and robotics. Currently working on a fully automated and AI-integrated Smart Aquaponic system.

Luke Judge

CEO, hundo

Luke Judge is a seasoned digital marketing expert with a reputation for innovative thinking and ethical practices. As the former CEO of Incubeta UK & US, Luke significantly contributed to the company's global growth, expanding the organization to over 500 people worldwide. In his role at Tapx, he spearheaded a transformative plan for the pioneering Web3 company, strengthening its foothold in the industry.

Currently, as the CEO of hundo, Luke is at the forefront of preparing young people for the future of work, reflecting his commitment to making a tangible impact in the community. His international exposure, combined with his experiences in international crisis volunteering, has instilled a deep appreciation for diverse markets and cultures. Luke's mission-driven approach in his work has led to frequent speaking invitations and judge appointments at industry events.

Luke's personal brand embodies innovation, ethical practices, and a dedication to growth. His unwavering support for startups and entrepreneurs, coupled with his impactful international crisis relief efforts, reflect his passion for fostering positive change both in the industry and the wider world.

Isola Zhu

CEO and Founder
CEO and Founder, HGVIS
CEO and Founder,

Founder of HGVIS, a community-driven digital fashion platform. Birding physical and digital together to enhance the experience with VR and AR technology. With a focus on co-creation and community-building, eager to push the boundaries in the web3.0 fields and create immersive experience.

Pere Pèrez Ninou

Founder and CEO
Founder and CEO, Metacampus
Founder and CEO,

As the founder and CEO of Metacampus, an innovation services company that unlocks human potential in the virtual economy, Pere Pèrez Ninou boasts over 20 years of experience in the digital and immersive technology sector. He has led and contributed to multiple award-winning projects and initiatives that leverage emerging technologies, interactive production, and content generation to create engaging and impactful experiences for clients and audiences. Previously, he served as the Head of Innovation at Grup Mediapro, a global media and entertainment group, and was the founder and CEO of VISYON, a leading company in immersive and interactive solutions. Pere has also held senior positions at Rockabox, MOJITO, Psycle Interactive, Doubleclick, Tangozebra, twentysix London, and JKD. His core competencies include developing innovative market solutions, digital strategy, business development, team management, and creative vision. Passionate about exploring new ways of connecting, collaborating, and learning in the digital world, Pere strives to create positive social and environmental impact through innovation. He believes in the power of diversity and inclusion, valuing the opportunity to work with talented and diverse teams that share his vision and mission.

Imisi Fakunle

Computer Science with AI Student
Computer Science with AI Student,
Computer Science with AI Student,

Imisi is a Computer Science graduate and incoming Technology Analyst at Deutsche Bank with a passion for technology. She has honed her soft skills through leading projects as a board member at an EdTech start-up and committee member of her university’s Entrepreneurs Society. With a background in coding and problem-solving, Imisi has also developed hard skills in software development, data science and AI through technology internships and spring weeks across 5 different industries including technology, finance and education. She mentors sixth-form students as a UK STEM Ambassador and has worked with students from 17 different UK schools.

Rio Maddison

Freelance Fashion and Costume Designer
Freelance Fashion and Costume Designer,
Freelance Fashion and Costume Designer,

As a freelance fashion designer with over 15 years of experience in the industry.

My passion is to create designs that are both innovative and sustainable, using eco-friendly materials and processes whenever possible. I have collaborated with celebrities and influencers, as well as the Burberry Prorsum team, to produce designs that reflect the latest trends and the unique personality of each client.

Piers Collins

Co-founder, hundo

Over the last 15 years, Piers successfully placed thousands of candidates with hundreds of clients in Investment Banking, Private Equity and Legal. At 22, Piers was the youngest equity holder in Dartmouth Partners Group and took the business from £0 to £5M ARR. Through this experience he found that he was not placing the best talent but the people that knew most about the industry, usually through their parents. When he met Esther, they discovered a shared mission to create a level playing field for all young people to access the right career for them and the seed for hundo was planted.

Tery Spataro

Chief AI Creative Director
Chief AI Creative Director,
Chief AI Creative Director, Tery Spataro Consulting & Designs

“Imagination is the tool of creation. It’s a lens through which we can see our world and picture how we might change it. We have always used our imagination to transform the world around us, continuing to do so. But that doesn’t mean we should be afraid of new tools and new ways to imagine—just like a hammer doesn’t make a house, but it does make building one easier!” - Tery.

As a Creative Director, Storyteller, and Content Creator, I specialize in utilizing AI to create captivating experiences. My passion for science fiction and futurism has led me to become an author, innovator, and AI enthusiast. My AI-generated digital art transcends both digital and physical realms, often combining the two, with the aim to inspire, energize, and entertain. In my fine arts, I trained AI models through Playform on my artwork, while in brand and commercial design work, I utilize generative AI. My diverse portfolio showcases digital and fine arts creations, surface design products, fashion pieces, and numerous books I have both illustrated and authored.

Joanna Blazinska

Career Coach & Strategist
Career Coach & Strategist,
Career Coach & Strategist,

Joanna Blazinska is a career coach and strategist with a background in project management in the consumer electronics supply chain. Joanna started her career in a gaming company in Poland. She then transitioned into supply chain operations and reverse logistics, into vendor and project management roles, and worked at companies such as Sony DADC, Sony PlayStation and Google, across multiple countries such as Peru, Spain, Poland and the UK. She then moved into the world of coaching and is now working with professionals moving into tech & data. Passionate about career development, the future of work and emerging technologies. Content creator, selected by LinkedIn for their 1st UK edition of the Creator Accelerator Programme last year.

Elliot Mack

Co-Founder & CEO
Co-Founder & CEO,
Co-Founder & CEO, Daigon Esports

Elliot Mack, co-founder and CEO of Daigon Esports, is dedicated to helping international schools empower their students by developing crucial future-proof skills through the world of esports and video games. Elliot's personal experiences drive Daigon Esports' mission to bridge the international school community through esports competitions as well as help schools leverage gaming as an interest-based learning catalyst for cultivating essential 21st-century and interpersonal skills. Both Elliot and his co-founder Younes are proud international school alumni who, despite attending different schools, forged a strong bond through a mutual friend and their shared passion for gaming. This unique connection not only inspired the creation of Daigon Esports but also instilled in Elliot a deep understanding of the transformative power of esports in fostering international friendships and empowerment. Along the way, Elliot & Younes teamed up with David Higginson and Gary Hector, who had previously founded an activities management platform and worked with hundreds of international schools, to bring their vision to life. In his conversations across the international school landscape, Elliot seeks to spread his conviction that esports acts as a powerful tool for inclusion and leveling the playing field while preparing students for the future.


Tahirih Danesh

CEO, Africa College Foundation

In brief, Dr. Tahirih Danesh focuses on increasing enjoyment of socioeconomic rights and development through education and legislation. Particularly passionate about young marginalized and minority communities, she is a serial civic entrepreneur, an advocate of the United Nations Global Compact Principles, and a member of The 30% Club.

Raised and inspired by some of the most impactful figures who helped shape the rise of her land of birth, following her escape to the west, she began a journey of living and working with a third of the world's cultures. She is currently the Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director of two niche foundations.

She seeks and welcomes opportunities to promote learning and earning through spoken and written words, but remains most passionate about elevating shared consciousness through practical approaches to complex processes.

She holds a PhD in law and has contributed to a range of publications, including in human rights, policy, and education.

Miriam Elnaggar

Learning Designer & Education Consultant
Learning Designer & Education Consultant,
Learning Designer & Education Consultant,

Miriam is a seasoned learning designer and education consultant leading her own initiative, Miriam's Learning Lab, based in Cairo, Egypt. Educated at the University of Sunderland, she brings over a decade of expertise to creating engaging and transformative educational experiences. Her work is dedicated to innovating beyond traditional teaching methods, focusing on making learning enjoyable and innovative. At her lab, Miriam offers tailored curriculum designs, dynamic facilitation, and strategic mentorship, all aimed at empowering educators and learners alike.

Previously, Miriam made significant impacts at Bigfatphoenix Interactive in India, where she led workshops engaging hundreds of children in co-designing educational apps. She also worked at Doyobi in Singapore, where she developed educational content and training modules that equipped young learners with 21st-century skills. Additionally, during her tenure at Portibi Applied Learning School in Indonesia, she initiated a homeschool program that tailored education to individual student needs during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Miriam's unique approach to education centers on fostering curiosity and a lasting love for learning. Her dedication to enhancing educational practices shines through her innovative projects and her commitment to nurturing the potential in each learner.

Amelia Loveday

Head of Programmes
Head of Programmes, hundo
Head of Programmes,

Amelia is Head of Programmes at hundo, and project manager for hundo virtual work experience. She joined hundo in 2022 as the lead producer for the launch of hundo.xzy, CareerCon22. Amelia previously worked in the charity sector, where she has a track-record of delivering programmes in civic discourse, public diplomacy and education. She worked with the Aspen Institute UK to build the organisation's public and private programming, including the delivery of the EU's post-Brexit public diplomacy programme in the UK. Prior to this, Amelia worked on youth engagement and election regulation in Kyiv, Ukraine. She is also the Co-Sec of Opora, a charity supporting Ukrainians to settle and sustainably rebuild their lives in the UK.

Lara Assi


Lara is a driving force within the web3 and AI movement, specializing in untangling the intricacies of innovative technologies for enthusiasts. With over 12 years of global entrepreneurial experience spanning manufacturing, media, retail, blockchain, and AI, Lara excels in simplifying complex concepts.

Lara's passion lies in web3 education, where she excels in translating technical jargon into understandable terms, empowering learners from diverse backgrounds to grasp the essence of web3. Her immersive contribution enables participants to directly engage with these transformative technologies.

A passionate advocate for inclusivity, Lara promotes diversity within the web3 realm and fosters equity. Her collaborations extend to influential venture capitalists, investment DAOs, and Layer 1 blockchains, underscoring her role as a bridge between technology and strategic partnerships.

Moreover, Lara is a seasoned web3 consultant, aiding web2 companies in adopting the appropriate web3 technologies and assisting web3 start-ups in their growth journey. Her dynamic impact as a visionary, educator, advocate, and consultant continues to shape the accessible, diverse, and innovative landscape of web3.

Nik Turner

Managing Director
Managing Director,
Managing Director, Ntesports

Nik is the Managing Director of Ntesports, a specialist consultancy agency working within Education and Esports. A Head of Department for ten years at an Ofsted Outstanding College Nik stepped out of education to work in esports only to return to as Course Leader at the country’s leading provider for esports at college level - Queen Mary’s College. Nik has built a reputation for quality and ntesports operates the world’s largest online shop for esports teaching resources. Nik is a Quality Development Writer for Pearson and wrote a core module for the new BTEC HNC in Esports. Nik has also written an esports degree for the University of Surrey, a customised accreditation suite of short courses with ASDAN and was part of the team to create and launch the world’s first online esports Level 3 esports course with AIM Qualifications. Nik consults for numerous companies including Yoyotec, Guild College at Guild Esports with SCL and Novatraining. Nik is the Chair of the Esports Trade Association Education Committee and is also the Chief Education Adviser for Esports Scotland.

Stuart Blake

Founder & Career Coach
Founder & Career Coach,
Founder & Career Coach, Maximise Your Potential

Stuart Blake, a seasoned ICF-accredited coach with 30+ years of global leadership experience in staffing, specialises in transforming careers and boosting confidence.

His personalised coaching strategies have guided thousands to success, from first jobbers to top executives, actors to athletes. Stuart's unwavering commitment to his clients' success is evident in his remarkable achievements, building confidence, delivering bespoke career plans, and achieving 90%+ success as a result of his coaching programs.

“Stuart's coaching style is truly exceptional. He possesses a remarkable ability to gain deep insights into your career journey.”  MA 2024

With a passion for empowering individuals, Stuart extends his expertise as a non-executive director in various community charities, fostering social mobility and enabling individuals to seize new opportunities.

Owen Healy

Director, Owen Healy Blockchain Talent

Owen is your to 'go-to' guy for blockchain talent. To date, Owen has placed over 90 people from 32 countries into various different blockchain projects. Currently, Owen serves a vast array of clients from heavily funded Series As to industry leading L1s. Owen's commitment to integrity is one of his defining qualities. This combined with his industry knowledge and thorough screening reports, ensures that clients can make confident, well-informed decisions before hiring.Before entering the Web3 space, Owen established himself as a seasoned HR professional. His expertise in traditional HR practices, coupled with his seamless transition into the rapidly evolving blockchain ecosystem, uniquely qualifies him to comprehend the industry's requirements and dynamics from multiple vantage points.

Owen, in addition to being a recruiter, is a prominent speaker on web3 recruitment. His insights and expertise make him a sought-after speaker who contributes to the development of the industry by disseminating best practices, trends, and strategies for attracting and cultivating web3 talent.

Scott Byrne-Fraser

Technical Co-Founder
Technical Co-Founder, hundo
Technical Co-Founder,

Scott is a Technical Co-Founder, Chief Product Officer, Creative Technologist and Podcast host. Currently building for the future of education and healthcare with hundo. Scott is an award winning product and UX design leader, who has helped shape some of the world's biggest products at BBC News, BBC Sport, Amazon Video, DAZN and Play Studios.

Katey Ellen

Digital Engagement Manager
Digital Engagement Manager,
Digital Engagement Manager, London North Eastern Railway

Experienced digital engagement manager with a passion for making a difference and supporting culture change. I embrace and encourage innovative change within rail, whilst recognising and championing engagement as being vital to the success of any digital transformation - people need to be at the heart!

Peyton Pocock

Technical Marketing Designer & Developer
Technical Marketing Designer & Developer, hundo
Technical Marketing Designer & Developer,

From Cornwall, Peyton Pocock now works and lives in London as a designer and developer for hundo. Peyton works on the hundo.xyz website and other marketing projects.

Kian Bakhtiari

Founder, The People

Kian Bakhtiari is the Founder of The People, a Gen-Z consultancy powered by a global community of young changemakers. He is also a Trustee for Earthwatch Europe and Agenda Contributor to the World Economic Forum.

For his contributions to marketing, he has been named one of the “Top 50 Future Leaders” by the Financial Times. Kian regularly writes about marketing through a Gen-Z lens for Forbes. He is deeply passionate about using the power of creativity for good.

Martin Baxter


Deputy CEO
Deputy CEO,
Deputy CEO, IEMA

Martin Baxter is Deputy CEO at the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA). He works in the UK and internationally to accelerate the transition to a sustainable future and support people in the development of sustainability skills and green careers. Martin has national and international experience in developing and negotiating global and European environmental management standards and developing capacity for effective and widespread implementation.

Martin heads the UK delegation to the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) on environmental management and chairs the ISO environmental management systems committee of ~100 countries. He is also vice-chair of the European Standards CEN/CENELEC Strategic Advisory Body on the Environment. Martin is a Board member of IEMA, the Society for the Environment (SocEnv) and the Broadway Initiative.

Charlie Rogers

Future of Careers Expert
Future of Careers Expert,
Future of Careers Expert, The Portfolio Collective

Charlie Rogers is an award-winning expert on the future of careers, where he blends his experience delivering projects with The Portfolio Collective with his leadership of the 30+ members of the Undefinable Community and his weekly newsletter, Mastery In Your 20s, on navigating a squiggly career as an individual with many interests to 650+ readers. All while juggling the 15 hours of training in his semi-professional career as an endurance athlete where he recently placed top 100 in his age group at the Ironman 70.3 World Championships and is now aiming to go sub 2h 30m at the London Marathon 2024.

Esther O'Callaghan


Founder, hundo

From Manchester to the Metaverse, Esther O'Callaghan OBE is focused on how frontier tech and innovation can be used for positive societal impact and to ensure the critical, growing skills gap is closed for young people worldwide, grounded in more than two decades working in youth issues.

An expert contributor to papers including the UK House of Lords ‘Skills For Every Young Person’ Select Committee report (2021) Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies; Metaverse Delphi (2022), and World Economic Forum Centre for New Economy and Society (2023), Esther is also on the steering committee for the University of West of Scotland Centre for Business Innovation and Transformational Technology (cBITT), Global Tech Advocates (GTA) Advisory Board and GTA Web3 and Metaverse group.

Esther is also an accomplished, international speaker, and passionate advocate of the future of learning and work. Esther is also known to occasionally produce & DJ, as well as being a qualified Level 2 British Triathlon Federation Coach and endurance triathlete.

Lea Thumbiran

Software Engineering Student
Software Engineering Student,
Software Engineering Student,

Lea Thumbiran is a final-year student studying software engineering at Eduvos in South Africa. She is also an intern at Eblocks Software. Lea is passionate about the video games industry and participated in an esports tournament hosted by Eduvos and RGB Gaming at Comic Con Africa 2023. Her interests include game development and application development. Currently, she is working on a project called Aquabot, which is a smart aquaponics system controlled through a website.

Yasmin Topia

CEO and Co-Founder
CEO and Co-Founder, Sociate AI
CEO and Co-Founder,

Yasmin Topia is CEO and co-founder of Sociate AI - the worlds most engaging, fastest learning shopping AI that sees and speaks, killing the need to click and scroll ever again, changing the ecommerce experience for ever. Yasmin is a serial AI entrepeneur- with past ventured back by Microsoft, JaguarLandrover and Silicon Valley VCs- with a back ground in sales having won and delivered of £40m in new business at Adecco and PwC. Yasmin started her career as a sales assistant in retail.

Kenn Mayfield

Founder, Xyris Interactive Design

Advocate of neurodiversity, a maker of narrative NFTs, and a proponent of accessible entertainment, STEM, and industrial education immersive worlds, Kenn applies his skills in imagery, narrative, production, photography, and software development to his fully immersive Rebel Metaverse and the popular Ruby Room (nominated for Laval Virtual awards in 2022). Currently, he is developing AI-managed ASL communication in the spatial web. With a new frontier of limitless possibilities, cohesive talents and teamwork, we will shape the spatial web atop developing technologies and make it our own new world. CareerCon22 partner, hundo 100, SingularityNet Deepfunding top co-applicant, competitor in AWE XR 2023, participant in StartUp Wise Guys business pre-accelerator. Creator of the League of Extraordinary Talent (theloet.com) rewriting rules of autistic income opportunity.

Albert Marealle

Freelance Illustrator & Graphic Designer
Freelance Illustrator & Graphic Designer,
Freelance Illustrator & Graphic Designer,

Albert Marealle is a digital illustrator from East London. He launched his first NFT collection, Warm Up Sessions, at hundo's CareerCon22, the world’s first immersive careers event for Gen Z. The collection opened in The Immersive Kind gallery on Spatial, where Albert was interviewed by Founder and gallery owner Kadine James. Albert is also a Converse All-Stars community member, and his work has been featured by the likes of influencer Joanna Chimondes from love island.

Simon Coles

eCommerce Consultant & Founder
eCommerce Consultant & Founder,
eCommerce Consultant & Founder,

Simon Coles is an eCommerce specialist with a passion for building the future of retail. He is a consultant at Adobe & founder of alphaCOMMERCE, a platform & consultancy exploring the future of eCommerce; emphasising sustainability, Web3, and AI as key drivers shaping the rapid evolution of the retail industry.

Louise Wood


Employment & Skills Senior Manager
Employment & Skills Senior Manager,
Employment & Skills Senior Manager, Leeds City Council

A key part of Louise Wood's work within Employment & Skills at Leeds City Council is to support employers in the digital sector with their workforce talent needs, understanding what skills are necessary and helping to inspire the workforce of the future by linking digital and tech employers with emerging and future talent.

A passion of hers is looking at ways to support EDI in the workplace, increasing diversity in tech by encouraging employers to rethink their employment practices to be more inclusive. Her role focuses on increasing a diverse talent pool for tech careers by engaging with a range of community groups and emerging talent. She is a board member of WILD Digital, where they are looking at ways to break diversity barriers for people accessing digital sector job opportunities, and she is an ambassador of the Leeds City Council Women's Voice staff network.

Melisa Cilli

Digital Fashion Designer
Digital Fashion Designer,
Digital Fashion Designer,

Melisa Cilli, is a forward-thinking digital fashion designer passionate about driving the future of the industry through innovative technologies. With a strong belief in the potential of immersive experiences, she is dedicated to exploring new solutions and pushing the boundaries of fashion design.

Her journey in fashion has revealed the digital realm as the future. She envisioned a world where fashion is created and experienced through cutting-edge technologies like virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). As a pioneer in digital fashion, Melisa strives to lead the transformation from physical to digital.

With an MA in Fashion and Textile Design, coupled with a BSc in Computer Engineering, she possess a unique blend of creative and technical skills. By combining her creative vision with technical expertise, she actively seek collaborations with like-minded individuals and organisations who share her passion for revolutionising the industry. Through the use of digital tools and immersive technologies, Melisa aims to redefine the way we create, experience, and consume fashion.

Michele Tagliavini

Senior Product Designer
Senior Product Designer, hundo
Senior Product Designer,

With over ten years of creative leadership experience in digital graphic design, art direction, and advertising, Michele specialises in crafting smooth and intuitive user experiences. His collaborative approach and passion for mentoring younger designers have driven success across multiple teams and locations. As a former design lead at Amazon, his expertise includes insights-driven brand experience design and simplifying the customer journey.

Liz Barclay

UK Small Business Commissioner
UK Small Business Commissioner,
UK Small Business Commissioner,

Liz Barclay was born and raised in Northern Ireland, starting her career journey as a financial advisor and manager at the Citizens' Advice Bureau between 1985 and 1991. Liz's foray into radio began at the BBC, where she was initially hired as a researcher and producer in the Continuing Education department. Notably, she has presented "You and Yours," the BBC's consumer affairs programme, showcasing her dedication to consumer rights and education. As a freelance presenter, Liz specializes in personal finance and small business topics, areas where her expertise shines brightly.

Beyond her radio and television achievements, Liz is an accomplished author, having penned insightful books on notable figures such as Sir Philip Green and Duncan Bannatyne. Her commitment to consumer advocacy extends to her writing a consumer affairs column for the Independent on Sunday. Additionally, Liz contributes her expertise to the healthcare sector as a lay member of the NHS Equality and Diversity Council.

In a significant career milestone, Liz has served as the UK's Small Business Commissioner since 1 July 2021, a role in which she champions the interests of small businesses across the country.

Jake Spooner

Operations Director
Operations Director,
Operations Director, Fresh Air Fuels

I have been working in the renewable energy sector for almost 5 years. In my previous job I was a Project Manager overseeing the development of seven run-of-the-river hydro schemes in the West Highlands, Scotland. These schemes collectively contribute 6MW of clean electricity to the national grid.


Over the past two years, I have transitioned my focus from hydro towards biogas, collaborating closely with a dedicated team of engineers. Our efforts are centred on harnessing the potential of organic waste from the agriculture and food production sectors to generate green energy. By leveraging innovative technologies, we aim to empower businesses to embrace sustainable practices and facilitate the vital process of decarbonisation.

Mark Haviland

Founder & CEO
Founder & CEO,
Founder & CEO, Conscious Careers

My name is Mark, and I'm dedicated to helping people adapt to the turbulent social, economic and environmental landscape that will define our communities in the coming years. There is such exciting potential in a career that seeks to find solutions to the great questions that confront us, demanding an optimistic and creative mindset that serves you and those you care about, both near and far. I help you start a career with the world in mind.

Steve Wileman

Head Of Digital Learning
Head Of Digital Learning, South Staffordshire College
Head Of Digital Learning,

Stephen Wileman is the Head Of Digital Learning at South Staffordshire College, where he plays a pivotal role in shaping the digital education landscape. With a keen focus on innovative learning solutions, Stephen’s work involves developing strategies that harness technology to enhance  business and educational experience across multiple disciplines.

He has a passionate commitment to Educational Technology (EdTech) initiatives to integrate AI/AR/VR solutions into traditional business and learning environments. Steve’s expertise lies in identifying and implementing digital tools that not only improve business and learning outcomes but also make digital adoption more accessible and inclusive. His vision for digital adoption is one where technology empowers every person, regardless of background, to reach their full potential.

As a member of the senior leadership team  and a thought leader in digital education, Stephen continues to collaborate with businesses, educators and technologists to drive forward the agenda of digital transformation. His efforts are geared towards creating a dynamic, inclusive and diverse talent pool that is well-equipped to meet the challenges of the digital age.

Russ Shaw


Founder, Global Tech Advocates
Founder, Global Tech Advocates

Russ Shaw CBE is the founder of Tech London Advocates and Global Tech Advocates. He originally founded Tech London Advocates in 2013 to ensure an independent voice of the technology community was heard, but with a focus on the private sector. Since then, he has been championing London as a global tech hub and campaigning to address some of the biggest challenges facing tech companies in the UK. Global Tech Advocates, founded in 2015, is now present in 34 hubs around the globe, with over 30,000 members. In 2019, Russ launched the inaugural GTA Festival, taking place in China and bringing the international network together for the first time. The second edition of the Festival was held in India in 2022.

Russ was awarded a CBE in the Queen’s New Year Honours List 2021 for services to technology and to business in London. He is a founding partner of London Tech Week and an Advisory Board member for Founders4Schools. In 2019, Russ was recognised as a 'Tech Titan' in the Evening Standard's Progress 1000 list of London's most influential people.

Mark Cann

Founder of HYPPA and HYPPA AI coach
Founder of HYPPA and HYPPA AI coach,
Founder of HYPPA and HYPPA AI coach, Demandbase

After being diagnosed with ADHD later in life, Mark Cann faced significant challenges in finding strategies that effectively helped him maintain focus and productivity at work. Despite experimenting with various techniques, he found that none offered lasting solutions. This personal struggle led him to create HYYPA and HYYPA AI Coach, platforms specifically designed to support individuals with ADHD in the workforce. These tools aim to help users manage their energy levels, minimize distractions, enhance time management, and improve overall focus and productivity.

Aditya Mani

Founder, YOLOgram

Aditya Mani is the founder of the YOLOgram Style: A direct to avatar platform where consumers can style their avatars with branded wearables and share immersive stories to social. He has taken a keen interest in showcasing digital fashion on avatars (both brand ambassadors as avatars and consumer avatars). He is an advisor in AIXR for the Retail Industry focus and also on the advisory board of Metaverse Standards Forum. Keenly looking at the digital fashion world from the lens of AR (body tracking), metaverse (persistent embodiments on avatars) and 3d commerce as well as playable commerce (showcasing fashion in gaming platforms). Aditya is also on the Advisory Board of the Metaverse Fashion Council.

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